Three Things Thursday

1.  Thank you for your comments on my post about Judgement.  My dear friend Amanda read it and offered to help me map out a route in Montgomery to run before we even leave for the beach.  Love her.  I hope it was clear that I wouldn’t really be giving up anything (okay, 1 1/2 hours) this weekend.  When I said I had missed things-it really means this training season with TNT.  But I knew that would be the case when I accepted the mentor/captain job.  You can only miss a certain number of weekends when you take on one of those roles-but regardless of that-I have learned you can’t do it all.  Missing things here and there are part of life. I have missed some parties due to races already being paid for before showers/parties were planned and again, that is life.  I am okay with that.  My point was that I am NOT okay with my friends (and strangers for that matter) giving me a hard time/judging me over my lifestyle choices.  And yes, I will also say that I know I have positively influenced several of my friends and family members to give running a try.  I LOVE that.

2.  Did you guess from my Wordless Wednesday correctly???  I may be nuts, but I signed up for Marathon #3.  Wineglass Marathon in NY.  It’s supposed to be a great course for setting a PR (and for qualifying for Boston but I have a while before that is going to happen).  Several of my TNT friends are going and the race comes highly recommended by Lisa.  I’m excited about it.  Flight is booked, hotel is booked, and entry is paid too.  And I haven’t even completed Marathon #2.  

3.  I made the mistake of trying on swimsuits the other night.  I have a few already but I don’t love them. I was am really feeling good about where my body is at this point.  I can tell a difference in my stomach just by giving up a few things in my diet.  Or, I should say, I thought I could tell.  I know the one suit I tried on was not the right cut for my body, but geeze. That thing came off faster than a bolt of lightening.  I think I am going to go to a specialty swimsuit shop here and get fitted for what looks best on me.  Back to the point-I thought things were changing in the stomach area (side note-this will forever be my problem area-I carry my weight in my middle) and now I am back to the drawing board.  What do you do for ab work?  I will admit my main ab work is in yoga and Pure Barre so maybe I need to add something else.  Thoughts?  Ideas?

yes please!

I KNOW I am going to have a fabulous weekend at the beach and I hope y’all do too!  Anyone racing?  Or doing anything else fun and exciting?

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