Three Things Thursday

1. I haven’t really mentioned running the Publix GA 1/2 marathon this weekend. Maybe because it’s local? Or because it’s in the middle of Big Sur training? Regardless I am really excited. My TNT coach Lisa gave me (and the others running the race) to go ahead with race pace even though its technically a recovery week and I am supposed to do 8 this weekend. I’m also really excited because it is my friend Kristin’s 1st 1/2 marathon and first event with TNT. She was a top 10 fundraiser and won a room at the Ritz for Saturday night and invited me to stay with her. Don’t mind if I do. Planning on volunteering at the expo Friday, a DailyMile meet up Saturday and a half fanatic meet up Sunday morning. I don’t think many bloggers are doing this race-but if you are, let me know if you want to come eat lunch with the DailyMile group on Saturday. I’m hoping to have time to get to a longer post about the race tomorrow and looking back on 2 years ago–this was my first ever race!!
2. Today I am working at Fado, a huge Irish Pub, for St. Patty’s Day. The Big Sur TNT team will be selling green shamrock Mardi Gras beads for donations as well as working the door, wrist bands, etc. We have a big goal of raising $5000. I am hoping it’s a huge success. Funny thing? We will all be in Purple. So if you live in Atlanta and need a St. Patrick’s Day event-come see us!!
3. I upgraded to the Iphone 4 this past week from the 3G. Holy Big Difference. My other phone was over 2 years old and that thing was slow. And the battery died within like 2 hours. It was awful. This new thing is my baby. :):) She is super fast and has a beautiful new Kate Spade cover (yes, I am ridiculous, no need to remind me). It was in my plan to upgrade for Big Sur because I want a small, but still decent camera to carry with me during the race and still have my phone. Perfect. Not only did I upgrade but dropped my rate by $50 a month. If you have AT&T; and have an unlimited plan, call and make sure you are getting the best deal! I was wayyyy over paying! They have a new plan that is unlimited text and unlimited cell phone calls for $20 a month (I was already paying $20 unlimited text so no difference) and then $39.99 for 450 minutes. This is great for me because I hardly talk to any land lines. Super savings!! (I did just notice I need to check on unlimited media). Hope this saves one of you some money!!
3.5 Sad to hear that part of Hwy 1 has washed away from a mudslide. Big Sur Marathon has changed the course in the past, and it may have to change this year. They don’t know what is going to happen yet. Anxiously waiting for answers and glad no one was hurt!!
Anyone else racing this weekend? Or do you have fun St. Patty’s Plans?

Oh, and I thought I would leave you with the highly entertaining, yet slightly embarrassing (cannot believe this even made the news a few years ago) video from my home town. It has become a St.Patrick’s Day staple.

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