Three Things Thursday

Thanks for your sweet comments from WW yesterday. I decided to just to Pure Barre today and no running. Rest and Ice for the legs and scheduling a massage for Monday. And it’s supposed to rain tomorrow so hopefully the pollen will be gone (for a bit at least).

1. I found out this week that I have the VP of the East Region of my company riding with me in the field next Wednesday. I know I am good at what I do, but it still makes me nervous and I will be anxious from now until next Wednesday at 4pm. I have a lot of prep work to do and hope to get it all done tomorrow! I WILL NOT procrastinate until next Tuesday.

2. Bonus check hits the account tomorrow and I decided I deserved some lululemon. :):) OF COURSE I do. Just a running skirt, shorts, pants, a yoga shirt, pants and possibly a bag. Yes, I have an addiction to lulu. I will also get a few new tops for work and then the rest goes to the credit card. And what’s the really good news you ask? It will be paid off (again)!! Check off that goal that was set back in January. WOOT!!
lulu has the cutest shopping bags with the best quotes on them!!
3. I sometimes feel like I need to be more focused on my training. I am going to work on my Tuesday runs being speed work or hill repeats until it’s time to taper for Big Sur. I think it will really help with my performance. I also learned I am really bad about watching my training run effort. My TNT coach wants us to training on our long runs at 65% percent effort. Do you do this? Or do you just run at the pace that “feels good?” Or do you do heart rate training? I’m not even sure what my 65% effort is supposed to be. Thoughts?
Working on a couple of posts-update on goals, race anxiety, additional training options…Hope to get them all out soon!!
Happy Thursday!!

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  • lulu is my bank account drainer too. i too got a skirt today from there. we could be twins for blast. i still need to try pure barre – has it helped with your running?
    i just run to run – i remember being told to train at 65% {or whatever} and never knowing what they meant so i would just run.

  • 1 – I'm also getting my bonus tomorrow but all of mine has to go to the credit card. Luckily, that will also pay mine off 🙂

    2 – If I ran at 65%, I would actually then just be walking, lol.

  • I run my long runs at least 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes slower than I *could* run them. For me, the long run pace should feel like I can run it forever and I should not be breathing too hard – able to have a conversation easily.

    You asked about Utah/Wyoming – we are running two 10Ks this summer. Feel free to email me at mom2shoo at if you want links to the races.

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