Running and Cupcakes? Yes Please!

As of last nights run…I completed another Marathon.  WOOT!

Okay, okay, so not “really” a marathon, but it was 26.2 miles added up over the week for the Cupcake Marathon.

My bib is customized with my name and #101 but you can’t see it

A quick recap:

Last Tuesday’s run 3/15 which included my first run with Hellasound

Last Wednesday’s run 3/16 was my regular TNT group run around the Brookhaven area.

Sunday’s run 3/20 was the Publix GA 1/2 marathon

Last night 3/22 was a recovery run…with dead legs but I got it in!

For a total of 27.17 miles in 4:04:10. A new PR.  I kid, I kid.  But maybe at Big Sur or Wineglass in October

Now, if only I could actually eat a cupcake to celebrate my finish.  Is it Easter yet??

Are you running the Cupcake Marathon?  How is your “race” coming along?

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