Race Anxiety

No, it is not what you are thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I still get a little nervous at the start but not like I used to. The past few races I haven’t even looked up where to go for the start, I just follow the herd. And sad to admit I haven’t looked at the courses very much either. Oh well.

The type of anxiety I am referring to is for signing up for races. Yep. Odd I think. But I have realized that once I get a race in my head and think I am going to do it or want to do it, I can’t stop thinking about it-the trip, the fees, the flight, the state, etc. until I ACTUALLY sign up. A little OCD and a Type A. Thank you very much.
So this is what I have been thinking about.
RNR Providence 1/2 Marathon 8/7/11 A few of my TNT friends are running it, the hotel is cheap, I love RNR races and know they will put on a good race, and when else I am going to knock out RI?
Park City 1/2 Marathon 8/20/11 My roommate’s mom was recently in town and invited me to come and stay (and 4 friends because she has the room and is incredibly kind) and run the race. Race fee is only $40, free place to stay, and again, seems like the perfect time to knock out UT.
Goofy Challenge 1/8/12 Yes, this one is pretty far away but race registration opens up on March 15th. Complete insanity? Perhaps. This one is still debatable.
If I could find a cheap enough destination for June or July I would do that too-that is one problem with living in the South. You definitely won’t find long races here in the summer with the insane heat and flying for races can get expensive.
I would also like an October race (birthday month). I’ve thought about Wineglass in NY and Portland but again, cost cost cost.
So the 2 things that hold me back:
What the doc said:
Back in January my doc said, “Don’t sign up for races so far in advance because it could lead to let down if you are hurt.” And I have been hurt. I am still working on the IT Band and a current left shin pain (thinking it’s just shin splints because it only hurts when I run and doesn’t hurt all of the time and it started after I attempted to change my running form). It makes me nervous to spend the money and commit to more races because of what the doc said. But, I really feel fine and know I can easily do a 1/2 marathon (another marathon is debatable but that is for another post). Not to mention races are selling out a lot faster than they used to.
I am officially out of debt. No car note, no student loans, no CC. Now it is just rent and bills and of course saving. Hooray for good bonus checks. My mom and I recently had a discussion about my finances and being free of debt. Then my races came up. She said “they just add up” and while I appreciate her opinion and agree with her, I feel like there is no better time than the present. I don’t have a family (yet) and can come and go as I please…and I know that will go away at some point. So why not live life to the fullest and work on my goal of 50 states? Travel and enjoy this time in my life?
The trips are expensive and I do recognize it. I have enough skymiles to fly to Park City and to Providence and hotel points I could use too. So, I should stop debating and having anxiety and just do it, right? Book the flights, pay the entry fees and be done.
Do you get race “sign up” anxiety? What would you do if you were me? If you say sign up, then they will all be done by the end of this weekend :):)
And for those of you that travel weekend after weekend for races, how in the world do you afford it? Am I missing a trick on the travel?

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  • Wow you are in my head! I obsessively search for races to put together the perfect calendar and think about it all the time until I sign up, but worries over potential injuries and money hold me back. I really want to start getting into travelling for races, but broadening the potential race list would just make my "race anxiety" skyrocket!

  • Well, I'm biased, but I vote for Goofy challenge. A bunch of my running friends did it and they had a great time. Plus, you get three medals! I think I may do it next year…

  • JUST DO IT! If you have anxiety about the expense now, you'll REALLY have it later when you have a partner & kids to think about too. If you have the air/hotel points, USE THEM! It's just about balance – have fun but don't go overboard to the point where you get behind on payments. Maybe there are more ways you can accrue points to feed the travel machine?

  • 1. congrats on being debt free- thats an awesome feeling!!!
    2. I think me and my running partner in crime are debating on doing the R n R Rhode Island one for same reason as you (minus the TnT)
    3. I completely understand about the money issues with all the races- what has helped me greatly with all the races completed and upcoming, is finding cities I know i will have a place to stay for free, and then seeing if there are races you can run to knock out a state- I was able to do this for 5 states thus far, it really adds up in savings!

  • I get that way too sometimes!!

    Im doing RnR Providence, its within driving distance to me, Im about 1 1/2 hours away. An Ill be at Disney doing the full next year.

    My anxiety doesn't officially kick in until I actually sign up for the race then have to worry about all the logistics. I think if you can swing it, do it! You'll never know if something in the future will keep you from doing it again!

  • I hear you on the travel cost, I started to put $100 a month into my travel savings account and sometimes some more (when tax return or bonuses come in). I use that money for my races, it makes it guilt free 🙂

    YEAH for the Wineglass Marathon!!! I'm planning on doing it and we could meet up!!!!

  • you're not alone… i always get anxious about signing up, then i have buyers remorse, and then once race day comes i do not regret anything!! and you're right – you are young so you should totally do as many as you can!! =)

    october race. marine corps next year!! awesome race, awesome support, gorgeous marines all over the place, being told congrats ma'am at the finish!! pretty sites to see!! it has been one of my faves!!

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