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My gym membership ran out a few weeks ago and I decided not to renew it because a new, cheaper (got a deal for signing up early), better gym is opening in June.  I hadn’t been going as much for several different reasons: marathon training, class times, parking issues, and I like going to Pure Barre instead.  I mainly went for the yoga (bodyflow) classes on Thursdays and Sundays.  I decided I would take advantage of some other deals around the city and try out a few new things while I wait for the new gym to open.

Yesterday was my first attempt at new.  I remembered that Lululemon offered free yoga on Sundays at 11. Perfect. Same time as the gym, like nothing has changed.  I needed a good recovery workout from Saturday’s 18 miler.  Free and Yoga.  Seemed perfect.  Right?

image from lululemon site

I get to the store, setup my mat, and wait for the class and music to start.  The instructor introduces herself and turns on fast pop music.  Umm.  WTF.  Where is my slow deep breathing??  Where is my yoga sequence?  We begin squatting and twisting and bending and moving quickly.  I think the instructor could tell a bunch of us were confused and she explained this is Cardio Yoga and we are getting our heart rate up.  Excuse me?  There is such a thing?  We did lunges, squats, planks, and push ups till I thought I was going to die.  Sweat was dripping onto my mat.  There were no breaks at all.  If I wanted water I just had to stop in the middle.  I cursed through most of it and kept thinking it had to be 12pm already.  I thought we were done and going to cool down and instructor lady kept on going.  She began to fold herself in half and stand on one leg.  I literally sat on my mat and started laughing (I wasn’t the only one).  My legs were so shot from Saturday they couldn’t hold me up any longer.  It was highly entertaining.  So instead of a relaxing recovery it was a very active recovery.

After class I asked one of the girls that worked at Lululemon if it was always like this.  She explained that they have a “studio of the month” and West Coast Workout (enter crazy intense yoga lady) is known for its fast paced, cardio yoga.  Well, at least it’s the end of the month and the end of that.  Hooray for April 1st.  I can’t wait to focus on my breathing and mind!  Don’t get me wrong-it was a great class-I can hardly move today-it just wasn’t what I was looking for yesterday!!

In addition to free yoga, I have been a little “deal happy” online.  I have recently purchased a $15 pass for 3 classes to a place called Powerlady Express for yoga, pilates, and power yoga,  a $29 pass for 5 yoga or pilates classes at Body Vision Studio and most recently today….wait for it…$25 for 5 hot yoga classes.  I am really scared excited about this one!  All of the deals are good through the fall so I have plenty of time to use them.

I highly recommend signing up for deals from Groupon and Living Social if they are offered in your area.  They will email you a deal of the day.  It’s a great way to try out new workouts (and restaurants, stores, etc).  I forgot to purchase a circus class (this is for real-supposed to be a great workout) and was really bummed.  I hope to purchase a belly dancing one when they offer it again too.  They usually offer bootcamp deals but those are definitely not for me.  I think it will be fun to change it up and try out new workouts.

Do you take advantage of free classes or deals in your area?  Am I missing any?  How do you change up your regular routine?

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