Publix GA 1/2 Marathon Race Recap Part 1

Racing Locally.  So great, and so different.  To Start.  My life was a little crazy this week.  I was on my feet for over 9 hours selling beads on Thursday night for St. Patrick’s Day at Fado to raise money for TNT.  We raised around $3000 selling beads, so it was totally worth it, but left me pretty tired on Friday.

Me & Co-captain/Mentor Matt
Packet Pickup/Expo

And the over-committed crazy part of me had signed up to volunteer at the expo on Friday at packet pickup which was at the GA Dome.  Another 3 hours on my feet.  Not sure what I was thinking when I did both volunteering things back-to-back because my feet were tired; but I actually really enjoyed it.  I also killed 2 birds with 1 stone.  Free parking, picked up my packet, and did a little shopping too and may have signed up for Miami ING in January 2012..and of course volunteered.  Volunteering was really fun-it’s nice being able to do something on the back-end of racing every now and then.  There is definitely a difference in volunteers that are runners vs. those who aren’t.  I was able to explain things that others were a bit clueless about.  One volunteer told a runner the race started at 7:30.  Awesome job sir (don’t worry-I clarified).

Pretty cool to be in the stadium without football
the expo view from packet pickup
the many shirts and bags at packet pickup.  just waiting on runners 🙂
Saturday/Daily Mile Meetup

Out of town races usually have me at packet pickup or sight-seeing on Saturdays.  Because I was home, I still did my regular weekend activities.  I actually had to work water stop for TNT Saturday morning (part of mentoring duties and worked out perfectly with the race schedule) and then headed to lunch at Figo to meet up with some DailyMilers.  A great lunch and a fun time meeting other runners in the Atlanta area.

the DailyMile group.  Some I knew from TNT, others are new friends!

I came home to pack and realized it is almost easier to be out of town.  I know that sounds weird, but I kept thinking I was going to forget something-and I almost did-my bib number.  Which would have been quite terrible.  Luckily I remembered everything and I was off.  I stopped and got bagels, went to Church, picked up Kristin and we headed downtown to the Ritz for the night.  Can we say awesome?  I would have never actually paid to stay downtown since it’s not that far from my house but I was very glad that Kristin won a room and we were able to enjoy a nice hotel and relax before the race.

Pre-Race Dinner
Kristin was actually a part of the Publix TNT team (I didn’t fundraise for this race-just ran in purple for support) and had an Inspiration/Pasta Dinner to attend.  I wasn’t going to eat on my own and wanted to experience the dinner with her so I went too.  I was pleasantly surprised by the pasta.  I ate the eggplant veggie version and took chicken out of the alfredo sauce one to get some protein.  Not half bad for a buffet I must say.

kristin’s plate-I forgot to take a pic of mine before I ate it
Me and Kristin

Kristin was recognized as a top fundraiser for the Publix Team.  The #9 fundraiser out of almost 200 people!  Amazing!!  I was/am so proud of her.

Kristin and her “special” bib for the back of her shirt.  Top Fundraiser! WOOT!

We finished dinner, went upstairs, set out our things for the race, and set our alarms for 5am (Kristin had to be downstairs at 5:30 for TNT stuff).  I thumbed through a magazine for a few minutes and that was it.  Kristin said I was literally out before 10pm with the lights and TV on.  Guess I was really tired–I was on steroids for the week for my asthma and they were keeping me up at night-I stopped them Friday night so I could get some rest before the race and I obviously needed it.  The super comfy bed wasn’t so bad either 🙂

Next Up…Race Day!!

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