Three Things Thursday

1. The craziness at work this week is over! And it went really well 🙂 The only downside is it left me absolutely exhausted and I totally skipped my 8 mile run last night. Tired from a long day, along with allergy/asthma issues and sore calves from PT (had to do all of the exercises barefoot) led to absolute no productivity last night. I felt so guilty. I was analyzing my runs on DailyMile and noticed I tend to do this a lot. Skip one of my weekly runs (usually its a Tuesday or Thursday shorter run). I don’t know why I let it get to me, I know I will be fine for the marathon. My Type A, OCD personality sometimes gets the best of me but I need to listen to my body.

2. I know I have mentioned Church here and there and I am happy to report I “officially” joined a church (aka envelopes with my name on them for the weekly collection) a few months ago and have been going regularly. And as you may know, yesterday was Ash Wednesday and Lent has officially begun. If you saw my Wordless Wednesday post, I gave up a lot. Originally it was going to be chocolate and fried food. I don’t eat that much fried food but lately I have been slipping up more and more. It tends to happen when I run more-and it happened last year and I ended up gaining weight during marathon training. The chocolate changed to all sweets. I had to be honest with myself-no chocolate would just lead to eating oatmeal raisin cookies, or caramel, or peanut butter, or frozen yogurt, etc. I would find a way to have dessert. So fried food and sweets. I don’t know what came over me but I decided to make it processed foods. Cleanse the body. Again-I don’t eat a ton of each of these but it is enough to make a big difference in my life. There will be some processed foods I won’t give up (i.e. Tuna, frozen fruit, V8, bread–very technical but still considered processed) but I will make a conscious effort with the rest (canned soups, boxed pasta/couscous, granola bars, crackers, baked chips, etc). It will be a sacrifice and a struggle…but that is the point.
3. This weekend I have the Big Sur Team pasta dinner on Friday, a 16 miler on Saturday and then a trip to Montgomery, AL for the night for my best friend Amanda’s 30th birthday celebration. A sleepover!! WOOT! We had discussed old-school style with makeovers and cheesy games just like the late 80s early 90s. It should be really fun and I will get to see most of my close high school girlfriends this weekend. Lots and lots of laughs and cocktails for sure! I’ll be sure to take pics!
HAPPY 30th AMANDA!! Welcome to the Dirty 30 :):) (technically tomorrow)
Did you give up anything for Lent? Do you beat yourself up for missing runs?

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  • I feel awful when I miss a planned run. There are def. certain days of the week that are easier to get up and run than the others. Who knows why – it's not based on the miles run from the prev. day, at least not for me.
    Oh well.. hey – have a great 16 miles and fun with friends. TGIF! YAY!

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