Hi, My name is Elizabeth

and I have an addiction to 1/2 marathons. Okay, make that races. And running. I think I need to go to runners anonymous. 🙂

Thank you for your advice and feedback with the races. I am going to do do RNR Providence and the Park City 1/2 Marathon for sure. Hoping to sign up before the end of the week-just need to double check with Katie’s (the roomie) mom that it is still okay.
And yes, I am still leaning towards doing Goofy. At least I have another week to analyze the finances.
I’m a member of the Atlanta Track Club which granted me early entry to the Peachtree Road Race 10K (not till July 4th) and I signed up on Friday.
Today I signed up for the Cupcake Marathon. I figured, why not? I will already be doing the miles with Big Sur training and the GA Publix 1/2 marathon next weekend. What a great idea and fun virtual race!
And of course RNR has to announce that Vegas is now going to be a night race. See the video here. I said I wouldn’t do the same race again (other than the locals and RNR Mardi Gras) but….its night time. In Vegas. It’s the strip. It’s Bret Michaels. 2 days of a low(er) race fee…
Like I said. runners anonymous. I will be the President. Anyone else want to join?

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