100th Blog Post & GIVEAWAY!!

I can’t believe it’s been 100 posts already. Granted I wasn’t the best blogger in the beginning, but I have gotten the hang of it. I think 🙂

I was going to do a post like Jess Runs just did, but decided you just learned a lot about me with my ABC’s and maybe I will save that for my 1 year bloggiversary (or something similar).
So I thought I would put together a goody bag of a few of my favorite things to have when I run:
purchased by me

1. Headsweats running hat from Big Peach, my favorite Atlanta running store. I’m also a big fan of running in hats to keep the sun off of your face. I work in dermatology and have seen too many sad, scary things because of too much sun. So if you see pics of me at races sans a hat (and in my other favorite Sweatybands), trust me, I have on tons of sunscreen!
2. Endurox recovery drink. My favorite recovery drink-I usually have it after every long run.
3. GU’s and Sharkies-if I am in the mood for GU-I use the non-caffiene kind (scared to try the caffiene on a run) and if I am in the mood for chews, Sharkies it is.
4. Bodyglide and chapstick. These 2 stay in my spi-belt. It’s mini bodyglide from Big Peach and of course, chopstick with SPF from Team In Training, my favorite charity.
How to win:
Leave a comment for each:
1. Become a follower, or let me know if you are one already
2. Tell me what the one thing you can’t live without on a run (or workout)
1. Follow me on twitter here
2. Add me as a friend on dailymile here
3. Add giveaway to your blog, Facebook, twitter, etc.
Giveaway ends Sunday 3/20. I will announce winner on Monday 3/21.
Off to carb up for my 16 mile run tomorrow!!

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