Three Things Thursday

1. Hooray for good runs! I was really starting to worry about my running and yalls posts really helped. I already do the things that were suggested (massage, chiro, PT, yoga, stretching, etc) so that is great news. And last night I had a good run! A little pain the first 2 miles (which is usually normal for me-gotta get warmed up) and then felt awesome the last 6. I really think a lot of my current pain is soreness from PT, not necessarily the injury. Very good news I think.

But the Newton comments have me nervous-so to avoid injury-I will use them for short runs. A fellow DailyMiler suggested the same thing before I put them on the blog-use my Brooks for long runs and Newtons for shorter distance. All very interesting. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

2. This week it hit me that I am training for a marathon. Sounds crazy I know, I have had Big Sur on the calendar since October, but I haven’t had a run over 13.1 miles since my last marathon in June. Our current training plan has kept us under the 1/2 marathon mark until this weekend and I think it will be weird to start upping the mileage (since I haven’t done it in so long). I am just “stuck” in the 1/2 mindset, and I hate to say that even a 1/2 is “easy” (compared to what it was a year ago). Now it’s funny to think 10 mile run is no big deal. I am wondering how I will feel after 14 this weekend. And if the 16,18, and 20 milers will be easier since my base is so much better this time around? Only time will tell I suppose.
3. Is trivia big in the city you live in? It is huge in Atlanta–it seems like a ton of restaurants offer it throughout the week. I never really played until this past fall after winning with a group at a fundraiser for TNT. We have continued to play on Tuesday nights and we usually do pretty well. We have placed several times over the past few months (you win money to the restaurant) but never won first place.
BUT we WON Tuesday! Woot Woot! $50 in house money. Not bad I must say. And I’m no genius-I am the pop culture piece to our group (the guys handle the history stuff) and answer dumb questions about Tila Tequila and Snow White. Seriously-those were 2 of the question topics this week. I guess you gotta be good at something, right? :):) It’s fun to get out and do something on a week night with your friends. If you don’t play, I recommend it! Or if you live in the ATL and want to join in, let me know.

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