Three Things Thursday

Well. I will start with a positive.
1. It is absolutely beautiful outside in Atlanta! It’s almost 70 degrees. Hard to believe that it snowed last week. You have to love the South. I am actually trying to rest my legs a little but would love to go running! I ran Tuesday with very little pain and then yesterday wasn’t as good. So I told myself no running to give my legs a break until Saturday. So maybe just a walk….
2. I just got another speeding ticket. Literally. 30 minutes ago. I am so pissed. This is my 3rd ticket in a year. How did I manage to go 15 years ticket free to 3 tickets in 1 year????? I am extremely worried that this will affect my job (I have a company car) and cannot afford to lose it (obviously). I am hoping that I can go to court and then driving school or something to get rid of the points. I have always joked about my heavy foot and my road rage. Of course my dad has to say, “Well you need to slow down.” Thank you Captain Obvious. I love you Pops but I know. I suck at following the speed limit law. I think I am Danica Patrick or something and need to beat everyone on the road. And I am always in a hurry. Thank you Type A personality.
3. If you live in the South you have probably seen the news about Toomer’s Corner. For those of you not familiar with Auburn and its tradition…hmmm, where to begin. It may sound a little nuts but I think most college campus’ have some sort of longstanding tradition, cheer, etc. We roll a tree with toiletpaper. Yes it sounds nuts. This tradition starting back in the 1960s and has been one of my favorite things to do at Auburn.–As a student and as an alum. After we win a sporting event, we head to Toomer’s Corner to roll the trees. There is even a website now that you can watch the corner live all of the time-which is great if you live on the opposite end of the country and can’t make a game-you can still kinda partake in the celebration.
The poor Toomer’s Trees have been through it this year. Obviously rolling it year after year and weekend after weekend have some sort of effect. But this year after the GA game someone tried to set them on fire. And then, as announced yesterday, a deranged Alabama fan decided to poison the trees. He was pissed after the Iron Bowl (what the Auburn vs. Alabama game is called) this year and drove over to Auburn and put pesticides in the soil. The crazy loon even called a sports radio talkshow to tell them he did it. Rumor also has it, he called the University too. What an idiot.
I mean, yes, the rivalry is insane. My friends and I have agreements we do not discuss each other’s teams during football season. I have not spoken to people for weeks at a time after a snide comment about my team has been made. I am die hard and a bit annoying, I know. I think I scare some people when they watch games with me. I have said I could never marry an Alabama fan because we would get divorced over football. And I am not kidding. Sounds crazy yes. But its the South and in Alabama we don’t take football lightly. My point is the rivalry is wayyyy heated and gets out of control and ugly. But I never thought it would be like this.
The man, Harvey “Al” Updyke, is a retired state trooper from Texas and never even attended the University of Alabama. He is so die hard he has relatives that are apparently named “Bear” and “Crimson.” I am sure there are plenty of crazy Auburn fans out there too and I hope one of ours doesn’t decide to retaliate. That is not the answer. The whole thing is just horrible. I do hope “Al” gets what he deserves.
Authorities have said they don’t think the trees will live. A long standing tradition and tons of great memories. This ESPN video sums it up, but I thought you should see some of mine.
The Corner the day after the Auburn vs Ole Miss Game October 2009
The “main” tree with a view of Toomer’s Drugs in the background (AU vs Ole Miss 09)
My sis & bro in law’s “auburn”christmas tree-we even roll it
A view up. Auburn vs Georgia November 2010
My friend Laura, Allison, & Myself AU vs GA November 2010
I could have posted more but thought you would get the idea 🙂 Does your college have a big tradition that you love?
I will get to the final RNR recap tomorrow!! Promise!
I believe in Auburn and Love It. War Eagle.

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  • Bummer about the ticket. I totally have a lead foot. I was stopped a couple years ago after church and the officer gave me a warning and gave my kids honorary police badges and told them to watch me.
    The worst part was when I started getting emails from people at church who had seen me by the side of the road wondering if everything was ok 😀

    I got off with a warning again this summer, but I know my luck will eventually run out.

  • I am so sorry for your loss, and as a "Vol" I know a little bit about tradition. And, yes, this is a loss. I won't pretend I'm an Auburn fan but I can't even imagine such an evil, hateful act. If there was a fund to replace the trees I'd donate to it.

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