Three Things Thursday

1. I do not feel ready for New Orleans. I feel okay about the running part, its all of the other little things I need to do before I leave. I used to plan ahead, get my things together early; but now I seem to procrastinate. Maybe its because I have gotten used to “racing” and I don’t seem to stress as much about packing/planning/etc. Does anyone else feel this way? Regardless I am really excited about the trip. Family, Friends, good food, running, and New Orleans. Not sure it can get any better.

2. The running part. Feeling “okay” really describes it. My IT Band has felt pretty good for the past few weeks. I had PT on Tuesday and I went for a short run to let some energy out and it kinda hurt. Which was odd to me. Maybe it was all of the work I did that morning (new exercises-my legs were on FIRE). I ran 6 yesterday and my legs (all over) felt like lead and I just felt bleh. I had a massage yesterday afternoon so hopefully that will help. I am thinking yoga tonight, PT tomorrow and no more running till Sunday. I should be good to go.
3. I love DailyMile. That is part of the reason I put it on my giveaway as extra points. I love the motivation and seeing so many people being active. I also think its a great way to learn about other workouts. I recently learned about FitDeck cards. Has anyone used these? They seem pretty cool. I was also thrilled this week to see that 3 of my fellow TNTers in Atlanta were nominated for the DailyMile team. If you haven’t voted, please vote for Bonnie G., Laura S., and Javier D. They all rock 🙂 And, you can now change your profile to TNT too. The running community rocks. For real.

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  • RE: FitDeck – never used them, but in the military we'd do Poker Workouts. Each suit was a certain exercise. The number on the card indicated the number (or amount of time) that we'd do an exercise. Face cards were worth 10 and aces were 12. Then we'd start at the top of the deck and work our way down. We were typically beat at the end of those work outs.

    Have fun in NOLA!

  • Got your message about the meet up- just let me know the time and I'll see what we have going on. I'm going with a few ladies so I'm also on their time. Hope to see you

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