A Full Weekend

Don’t you wish weekends lasted forever? I do!!
It was very productive, and I will share that with you, but first…
Thanks for your help and kind words about the award. I guess I did win. I had no clue that race awards worked that way. And I definitely didn’t think I would be fast enough to win one! Pretty cool. Definitely makes me want to continue with the smaller races!!
My friend Javier emailed me too with a good explanation so I thought I would share:

Some races give out OA awards and then don’t place those athletes into the AG awards. So if this race decided to award the top three or four female first. Then they awarded the next top 3 female in the AG.

In this case, there are three people that would have been in your AG in the top five OA. Looks like they awarded the next three in your AG as top three female for your AG.
Onto the weekend…
Friday night:
Super chill in preparation for my 14 miler on Saturday. I make a very tasty (should’ve taken pics) veggie spaghetti and in preparation for the Oscars, watched Inception. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. If you have seen it, what did you think? I’m pulling for the King’s Speech tonight for sure!
14 miler with TEAM was awesome! I felt really good and my IT Band didn’t bother me too bad (only the last 2 miles). I guess I will see the damage tomorrow at PT. Again, should’ve taken pictures because our course involves an insane hill-perfect for Big Sur training-but no worries-looks like the rest of my long runs will be at this location so I will get one next time. Skipped the nap, laid around for a bit and went to Church (gotta love Saturday Mass!)
Saturday night:
Went out with some friends and made the mistake of wearing these. Dancing. DUMB. I usually don’t wear heels out after a half marathon so I am not sure what I was thinking attempting these after 14 miles. Needless to say my feet don’t feel great today.
Managed to make it to Pure Barre and went walking with my friend Holly and roomie Katie. I wore my Vibram Five Fingers-the PT says my arches and ankles are weak so I figured this would help. I am too scared of injury to run in them.
AND the MOST productive and BIGGEST sigh of relief. I cleaned out my closet (with the help of Katie-she rocks-thanks so much!!). OMG. I have a serious problem. Well, I did. I can openly admit I racked up some serious (eh, close to 15K) credit card debt (and thankfully got myself out of it) the first few years out of college. I shopped a lot, and I can look back and say I am an emotional shopper. For sure. I bought so much stuff-especially when I was upset. See? This is just the donation pile.
(that is a t-shirt quilt in the backgroud-not donations-& that is a “leave on” decorative tag on the 7’s)
Another angle of my insane amount of clothes…
And I now have a TON of extra coat hangers
Which added up to 3 1/2 very full garbage bags that will be donated to a local women’s shelter.
But don’t worry, there is PLENTY still left in my closet. That is the sad (but I guess kinda good) part. I definitely learned my lesson. Plan and shop for what you need-don’t just “go to the mall.” That’s what got me in trouble in the first place. Luckily I have grown up a lot since then :):)
Did you do any spring cleaning this weekend? Or long miles?
Congrats to all those Princess Runners this weekend!
Happy Sunday, off to enjoy the Oscars!!

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