Who, Me?

I was just tagged/given the award for Stylish Blogger Award. Yay! Thanks Lisa J. at One Race at a Time for the recognition. Krizzy Designs paid off. So the rule is to tell you 7 random things about me. Here we go.

1. My major in college was Apparel Merchandising. Some of you may be shocked that this is a degree (it is, it is!). I also minored in Business and had a goal of opening a clothing store. Well, I did an internship and quickly changed my mind. So needless to say I have done nothing with my “major” which I know is common, but mine was very specific. So notes to all you Mamas-don’t let your children do this. NOT a good major. Most of my friends who I graduated with don’t use it either. (I worked at Enterprise Rent A Car and ADP payroll sales before this pharma job)
2. I have really, really bad road rage. Always have. From the day I started driving. I drive like a race car driver. Just call me Danica. And I live in Atlanta, one of the worst cities for traffic. And all 3 of my jobs have required me to drive around this city all day. If you are ever on the phone with me while I am driving….expect a few F Bombs. And if you see me driving, you might see my middle finger. Just sayin.
3. I have a slight magazine addiction. I get Cooking Light, Mobile Bay Monthly (from back home), Southern Living, Womens Health, Womens Running, Runners World, and Self. I did get Fitness and let it run out and I think I need to do the same with Self when it runs out in March. I can’t keep up with all of my mags and books. But I guess by my reading you can see my interests, huh?
4. I am an Aunt. To a grumpy, old man Zeus. He is an 8 year old Great Dane (or horse, whatever you may like to think). I love him.
5. I don’t drink soft drinks. I stopped several years ago after reading an article (yes, in one of those many health magazines) that even diet drinks were bad for you. It used to be a diet coke a day for me. Now I have one cup of coffee and water the rest of the day. I will not give up coffee. That is for sure.
6. I can’t dive. Yep. Kinda embarrassing. I tried and tried as a kid. I would learn and then forget the next summer. Which you can also assume from here I am not a great swimmer. Chris (because he is a swimmer and triathlete) thinks I will do a triathlon at some point in time. He hasn’t seen me swim. I think I will just stick to running. Maybe if he gave me lessons but I am stubborn and don’t like “not being good” at something. Only time will tell I suppose. But can you imagine me doing an cannonball at the start?? HA!!
7. If you asked me as a kid what I wanted to be when I grew up I would tell you “Miss America.” Funny enough, I was never in a pageant. Never.

So there you have it. Some randomness. I feel like a lot of the blogs I read have been tagged, So I am not going to tag anyone next. But lets say, if you are reading this, and haven’t been tagged yet. Consider it done. Its your turn.
Happy Friday!
On a side note…I’m off to the doctor this afternoon to look into my IT Band Issue. I tried to run last night on the treadmill and I was limping. My TNT coach Lisa said I need to stop and see a doc. So in order to get help immediately-I am driving 30-45 minutes for help today. Say a prayer and cross your fingers that I am okay and can continue on with RNR Mardi Gras!

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