Three Things Thursday

1. This past weekend I went shopping. I hadn’t bought a suit in a while and when I was trying them on and needed a LARGER size I was a little shocked. I watch what I eat, I run, I do pure barre, yoga, and some lift weights. I actually thought I had lost weight. I am fitting into jeans that didn’t fit this summer. Maybe its the company, but I usually shop there and don’t have issues and buy the same size every time (granted my clothes I still where are my regular size). Or maybe my butt is bigger, or lifted? Why can’t all stores be required to to carry sizes that are made with the exact same dimensions? And why do I put so much emphasis on the size? I honestly don’t get on a scale because I know the number doesn’t equal what I look like and how I feel. Even my doctor made a comment that it doesn’t look right and maybe it was muscle. Regardless, I don’t like how I let the “number” get to me. I know it is a big issue in our society. I just thought I was past it, but apparently after my reaction this weekend, I am not. Sad.

2. Hood to Coast was AMAZING. I loved, loved, loved this movie. If you haven’t seen it or they didn’t show it in your city-you must see it when it comes out on DVD. This is a movie I will actually buy and add to my collection. I laughed, I cried and felt like I could relate to each team. And don’t think I didn’t immediately come home and see when you could apply to the lottery for this race. I have to do it. Really. Have to. 🙂 In the mean time I would love to do a Ragner Relay-but need to find one to fit in my schedule.
3. As most of you may know, I have a slight obsession with Lululemon. They combined the 2 Atlanta stores to a bigger location and are having a grand opening party of the new location. A Stilettos and Sneakers Soiree. I wanted a low key Friday night after this crazy week and this is it. Even Chris said he would come 🙂 It should be fun! I think I may go with the “sneakers” look and be casual. I am hoping I don’t spend too much money either.

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