Three Things Thursday

1. Yep. Still stuck inside. I never thought I would actually look forward to a treadmill (seeing as it was a “dreadmill” a few weeks ago) but OMG I have to do something. SOON. I think the ice is going to melt some today because the temp is going to get up to 33. WOOHOO! I should be able to drive to the gym. I did do a yoga dvd on Netflix yesterday and I was impressed! The video wasn’t too bad. As much as I want to run I know that the rest has been great for my IT band and the yoga was great for stretching everything out. But I am ready to MOVE.

2. Yay for Chris! He added a few things to my blog that I have been wanting to do for a while. Being in sales and not good with computers AT ALL I had no clue how to do all of these little things. It took me a while to figure out the whole blogging thing and I paid Krizzy Designs to make it pretty. I just like to write about everything. Chris on the other hand, is a computer whiz. He literally did it all in 45 minutes (he’s in IT by the way). I find it fascinating how everyone’s brains are really wired differently. I could never comprehend what he did. And I am sure there are people out there that could never do what I do either. It’s just interesting seeing other peoples talents. So he fixed my picture on Wordless Wednesday from yesterday, added the link for the Run for the Bling of it Challenge (if you want in, sign up by 1/31), and the big one….he made me a link with my Racing the States. And it matches the rest of the blog. YAY! He’s the best!
3. It’s time to put in a plan in place for RNR Mardi Gras in February. I will admit it is hard do focus on my own races while training with TNT. I have to find ways to get my personal miles in because the Big Sur Team is on lower mileage right now. I would really like to push for another PR in NOLA. I sometimes look back at the time from last year (1:46:04) and wonder how in the hell did I do that?? I need to shave 4 minutes off of my last 2 1/2 marathons. Can I really get under a 1:46?? I am going to focus on speed work. I have neglected it and I have only done tempo runs and long runs. So the goal is going to be Yasso 800s and going back to my Hal Higdon training. It worked in the past and I have just kinda been doing my own thing since my marathon back in June. I need to get back to a plan. I know it may be tough to increase my speed in a month but I am going to give it a shot. Does anyone have other speed workouts that they use or recommend?
If you are able to drive around today or run outside….Be thankful. :):)

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  • What Yoga did you watch on Netflix? I bought the Stretch DVD from someone on eBay but it hasn't arrived yet. Looking for alternatives till that arrives!

    For speed workouts, I like the ones included in the FIRST training plans (Run Less, Run Faster). They're worth a look.

  • 1. Oh My!! I feel you! I was stuck for 4 days but not because of the snow but because I was sick. I was dying to run but I couldn't.
    2. You are so luck to have someone to help you out with computer stuff!! I will check the links 🙂
    3. 1:46:04 is awesome!! Great job! I guess you could speed it up in a month. Just be careful to not get injured.
    I'm a new runner so I'm still slow but I do Intervals every week to get faster. I'm following the '3plus2' training program. (
    Have a great weekend!! 🙂

  • @Chris- I just looked it up-i did it on the Wii with Netflix instant watch-its "the trainers edge: long and lean with Baron Baptiste". It wasn't too bad for a quick workout. I've the done the P90X-its good! That dude drives me crazy but otherwise good.

    And yall both mentioned the book Run less Run faster-its on my list-maybe I will move it to the top 🙂

  • I'm afraid I can't contribute to your speed request, still working on mine. I just wanted to say I love your race map!!! I have a paper one at my desk that I color in with a crayon- yours is much better!

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