Snow Snow Snow

Well. I thought snow was the coolest thing ever until it has now left me trapped inside since Sunday night. I might lose my mind. One thing those used to the snow may not get-Atlanta doesn’t prepare for this because it only happens once a year. They said on the news that we aren’t prepared for this. Well obviously. We have 8 weather trucks for snow, Chicago has 200. So our roads are a mess and they have basically said don’t leave your house. Most businesses have been closed. It’s insane.

The good news for me:
  • The power never went out and I was able to see my Auburn Tigers go on to win the National Championship. War Eagle!
  • I’m at least stuck with Chris
  • It is forcing me to actually rest and not exercise (making myself take a break until tomorrow)
  • I have blogged and watched the Social Network
  • I should be able to finish the book Water For Elephants
  • I haven’t had to put on makeup or go to work
  • I worked on the TNT group fundraiser
  • I haven’t spent any money eating out
The Bad news:
  • We missed Hood to Coast-it was cancelled due to weather in Atlanta
  • I have eaten chili for 3 days straight (have been experimenting with new toppings because I’m so over it)
  • We tried to leave and the car is stuck in the driveway
  • I might lose my mind
  • Comcast OnDemand isn’t working and said it won’t be for a while
I’m hoping they reschedule the movie for next week. We have heard that they will. As for losing my mind, lets hope it doesn’t get to that.
Mad props to all of you who live in this mess and run in it! I am looking forward to should melt by then. Woo Hoo!

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