Playing Dress Up

Well. 2 weeks ago I had my speed work and plan all laid out to push for a PR in New Orleans. And then that night after I had posted my plan I ran on the treadmill and it was a hotmess. Hotmess=IT Band pain=doctor=physical therapy=no running=not as happy Elizabeth. And here we are.

I have never had a “bad” race. Sure, some not so great in 90 degree weather, but overall I have been pleased with every race I have run. No injury, no stomach issues, no clothing malfunctions, just straight up happy running. I have been blessed enough to run all of my 1/2’s thus far in under 2 hours. I have set the bar to keep it that way. Almost to the point that I am neurotic about it. I don’t want to run a 1/2 marathon in over 2 hours. But thinking ahead I might have to need to for two reasons:
1. I’m running two 1/2 marathons during my training for Big Sur. New Orleans falls on our 12 miler weekend and the Publix GA 1/2 falls on the 16 miler. I know I will have to add on another 3 for Publix and will need to take it easy. They are training runs for a reason, right?
2. I’m coming off of an injury. period. Things have already improved a ton, but I know that I should take it easy and not kill my legs-besides-Big Sur is the real goal in May.
So in order to force myself to not be as serious about the races and to take it easy and to have a good time….I ordered this:

I have never run in a costume, much less a tutu. But I think it would be fun. I also ordered a purple and green one for Team in Training. I may order these too:
I think I will have more fun and it will force me to take it easy. I mean, do people PR in full on costume? I enjoy racing but I WANT to enjoy this side of it to. Besides, I had already decided after reading your posts on Big Sur that I need to slow it down there, so why not with these races too? I can focus on speed in the Fall, right?
Any advice on my crazy and how to get past it? Have you dressed up, or do you dress up for races? Or do you think I should just race for time? Help please 🙂

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  • LOVE THE TUTU!!! I'm having my mom make one for me (hopefully laid out just like this one) but w/ pink, purple, blue, and white for Disney.Great way for you to take the pressure of trying to PR. I think its important to throw in a fun race every now and then. Disney princess will be my first race that I could care less what my time is bc I just want to soak up all the sights and get some great pictures with characters.

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