IT Band update

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. Great Great Great news. I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and found out it is just a really tight IT Band caused by weak hips. Who knew.
The doctor did x-rays and double checked that nothing was fractured and I am good to go. He set me up on physical therapy for the next 2-3 weeks going 2x’s week. The doc is a sports medicine doc and he is a big cyclist and one time marathoner but he totally lectured me on having too many races on my schedule. He said it could lead to disappointment if something were to happen and it would be a lot of money lost if I couldn’t run in them. Well, I personally look at them as goals. And I like to sign up for the races early so that I am full committed. He also lectured me that this much running would wear my body down and I needed to work on my hips and form if I wanted to run as much as I currently do. Trust me, I will.
I was able to go to PT right after my appointment which was nice. The doc there told me my IT band muscles felt like guitar strings and were a mess. I now have “homework” aka at home exercises to do. And of course the lovely yet oh so painful foam roller. I have been using it but this time he gave me specifics to do for a certain amount of time. Let the tears begin to roll down my face in pain 🙂
So, bottom line. They think I will be running in 2 weeks (maybe sooner) and I can still do the elliptical, yoga, weights etc. Just no running yet. Perfect time to get in all of that cross training I have been wanting to do. They did say I can run New Orleans, just maybe not for a PR. I’ll take that, as long as I can still run.
Happy Saturday!!

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  • Great news! I had also hip issues end of 2010. First I thought ice and rest will do it, but once I went to the doc I found out I have a hip bursitis. It was painful, but with his help I was able to run pain-free within 3 weeks.I'm so glad I went, otherwise I would still freak out with all the things I read on the internet 🙂
    I'm glad you can run your race!! Good luck

  • Glad it's only the IT Band! I had HORRIBLE IT Band issues last year training for my first half. Lots of PT, strengthening, etc and it's now ok. Plus the fabulous foam roller after every workout. When I do long runs, I found out that it still will start to bother me every once in awhile so I wear IT Band Straps. With the straps? NO pain at all! They look a little funny but I highly recommend them!

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