I said a Hip Hop the Hippie…

..the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you don’t stop. Ah yes, thank you Sugarhill Gang for the Rappers Delight. And thank you physical therapy to have me constantly thinking about and working my hips. I don’t have a video camera and I am close to buying an Iphone 4, but not yet so no personal videos. So I found a few you tube videos instead. Now you can focus on your hips too (and inadvertently your knees) 🙂
This is what I am currently doing as “homework” on the stairs. 20 reps on each leg twice. And I try to do them twice a day.

I’m sure that all of these are great in the video below, but I do the 1st one. 5 steps left and then back right 4-5 times. If your hips aren’t burning like crazy, then you must be made of steel.

We do these too and there are several different ways to do them. You can do them on the floor, but the PT has me standing on a Bosu Ball to make it harder. I also add a hip hike to the lifted leg. Trying to balance and squat with my knee aligned correctly leaves me sweating like I just ran a marathon. Nothing like PT to make me feel weak and like a sissy. Good to keep me on my game!

And you probably all know this one, but if you are a new runner and don’t have a foam roller, it is a must!! I used to just roll around on mine, but in PT I have divided my upper leg/IT Band into thirds and do 20 “rolls” on each section. I also do my glute muscles because that attaches the IT band. I do the foam roller on each leg twice a day (you can use the foam roller for many other areas-just head to youtube). I also usually drop lots and lots of F Bombs while rolling. If your IT band is tight, you will too.
I hope this helps! As a fairly new (2 years) runner, I have had issues come and go, and I thought this was just another one. I wish I would have known about these things early on and hope these exercises will help you avoid pain in your IT Band and avoid Physical Therapy. Strengthen your hips!!
In really good news-I got the go ahead this morning (after 1 1/2 hours of the above work and time on the treadmill) to run tomorrow at my group run with Team in Training. We are scheduled to do a 6 miler. I know I will be taking it slow and easy–which is really hard for me. The doc also told me if I have pain to stop. It will be hard if it happens, but I know I need to listen to my body. I hope I can get through it because I need to get some miles in before Rock and Roll Mardi Gras in New Orleans (our Big Sur training schedule lines up perfectly with the race).
Do you do other hip exercises that I may have missed? Enjoy your weekend and happy running!

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