Back in the Swing of Things

Well, back to reality. For real. No more snow and ice and no more days off. A full work week (and a busy one at that). This post needs to be super short because I have a ton to do and have to do it all in 1.5 hours.

Quick Updates:
I can already run! Kinda. The Physical Therapist said I can run up to 20 minutes at a time on the treadmill but with intervals and specific exercises that we went over yesterday. I was able to run and do the work they gave me there. And last night I rode the stationary bike with all of the old people at the gym. Seriously. They had a good 40-50 years on me but good for them for still exercising. I was also able to do some upper body work. And of course, all of my hip exercises again! I’m hoping to find some of them online to share with yall so that you can be doing them too. It will help with form and from getting IT Band trouble…and I am sure we could all use that, right?
A group of us are headed to see Hood to Coast tonight. I’m super excited that the theaters and distributors are still able to show it since we were snow/iced in. I’ll give you my thoughts on it later this week.
Told you it was short. Happy running to those of you that can :):)

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