That is how I feel. Just trying to breathe and catch up with life. A few updates and then I am off to bed early. More later-but right now, all I want to do is sleep. 🙂

My work trip was exhausting. Good-but exhausting. I never stepped foot outside of the hotel until we left to go to the airport. So much for being at the beach.
The fundraiser for TNT was a HUGE success. I will upload pics and give you totals of how much we raised later-I am still so worn out from it that I couldn’t bring myself to add it all up-but I know it was a lot. Yay!!
I also ran 8 miles outside saturday. Woop Woop! I had very little pain in the IT Band, which is great news. I went to the doctor for a follow up today and had PT. Doc says no more visits unless I need something. PT will continue for another 2-3 weeks. But that is fine with me. I am also free to run unless I have pain. The plan for the week is 6 wednesday and 10 friday (I am working waterstop duty for TNT on saturday so I have to do it friday). I will cross train the rest of the time to be safe.
I got my corral for RNR New Orleans. It is based on a 1:50 finish. Corral #4. And I will admit it, I want to stay in it. I’m crazy, I know. I am working on a blogger meet up. Hopefully sometime Saturday afternoon after lunch at the Expo. More details to come-I just need to figure out exactly where. I am hoping to get to Nola before lunch so this should work. Maybe we could even do lunch? RNR Nola ladies-any thoughts? Oh, and my tutu shipped. It will be here February 2nd. Looking forward to acting a fool.
Okay. Back to the work computer and then bed. For real.

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