Three Things Thursday

1. I am super pumped because I am about to go running! Sounds odd yes because I run all of the time but I had keratin treatment done monday night and that means no sweating for 72 hours. Luckily I was able to get an 8 miler in Monday morning before the treatment-and I was excited that it went well. I have had some issues with bruising on the top of my feet and luckily my local running store Big Peach gave me several different ways to lace my shoes up and that helped. So pain free Monday will hopefully be a pain free Thursday! I am also excited to have super straight hair again and to be able to get ready in all of 5 minutes. The best invention ever for us ladies who hate the curl and use a straightener every day.

2. I am back in Alabama for the next few days to enjoy some time with family and friends. My first stop in town (before even going home) was McCoy Outdoors to sign up for the First Light Mobile 1/2 marathon. I knew I was going to do the race but needed to sign up and figured it was easier to just do it here than online. I love that the race is only $35!! Huge change from the Rock and Roll Series. As much as I dread the 4 1/2 hour drive home again in 2 weeks I am really excited to run this race. My great uncle, Jimmy, just retired from running a few years ago (he just turned 90!!!!) and I wanted he and my grandmother, Nanny, to be able to see me run a race. I usually call Nanny after each race so that she can report back to Uncle Jimmy on how I did. He holds many records in the state of Alabama and in Mobile (for obvious age reasons) and I think it will be cool to have him see me finish. I also really hope I am in that great of shape and can run at that age!! It will also be another state off of my list.
3. The next few days will be really fun getting to hang with my family and friends. I have my annual 90210 (yes, I said it–that was our name and it has stuck) get together and present exchange on Christmas eve morning. This will be year 15 or 16 I think. We started this tradition our freshman year of high school and have continued it over the years. Not everyone comes in town anymore (new cities, kids, inlaws, etc) but this year we will have 6 out of 9 girls. I cherish the time we get together-even if it is only a few hours. These are my oldest friends and I love them dearly. Christmas Eve night we go to Mass with my Dads family and then have our annual present exchange and Lebanese food (my favorite and I only get it homemade 1-2 times a year). Christmas morning will be with my mom and then back to my dads and then back to my moms that night. House hopping as my sister and I call it.
And I just found out as I am writing this that I am going to my cousins house this afternoon to learn how to make grape leaves from scratch (this has been on my list of things to learn in my 31st year so this will be fun!!).
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!

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