Three Things Thursday

1. Party time! I have another Christmas party tonight with my tennis team. I actually haven’t been very active with my tennis team lately, running has become more important to me but I still love the girls I play with. It’s another ornament exchange and we always have a good time when we get together. And I made a dessert. A completely unhealthy but insanely delicious dessert. It’s the holidays so may as well indulge a little. Right?

2. Confession. I know my blog is not very pretty and I am working on that. Should be fixed by the end of the year. I am going to admit it here that I was very excited (and somewhat embarrassed by how bad the site looks) to see that the peeps at the Rock and Roll series and at Bodyglide read my blog. Thank you twitter. They at least read a post. Pretty cool. And tweeted me about it. I am a nerd. I know this.
3. The weather in Atlanta has been pretty miserable this weekend. I don’t know how some of you live up North and deal with snow and ice all of the time. It has forced me to miss a run (group run was cancelled) and do 2 nights on the dreadmill. Yes. DREADMILL. I am definitely not a fan. I like to be outside! And I just looked at my calendar and noticed that my next 1/2 (although I technically haven’t signed up) is less than a month away. I need to put some more miles in. So mother nature better cooperate over the next few weeks.
And an FYI for any Atlanta readers…I am raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and running with Team in Training (Big Sur in May). I will be at the Brookhaven Big Peach wrapping Christmas presents for donations from 12-5 on Sunday. Come by and see me and let me do the work for you!!

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