Three Things Thursday

1. I have my first Christmas party of the year tonight. YAY! I was a Pi Phi at Auburn University (back in the day) and was very involved (philanthropy chair, pledge trainer and then President) and loved every minute of my 4 years with an amazing group of girls. Many of my dear friends are from those days and I love looking back on the memories. When I moved to Atlanta I looked into the alum group but it ended up being more old ladies than young, fun recent grads. So consequently, my involvement began to slow. Until four years ago. We decided to have an ornament exchange. All Auburn Pi Phis, all ages (Atlanta is really close to Auburn and a lot of grads move here). It was a success and has now become a tradition. It is so fun! I think most of the girls really look forward to this night. We have tried to do other events throughout the year but its hard to get everyone together. But not tonight-around 20 Pi Phis will be at my sister’s house tonight (she was one too of course). I’m really excited. Good food, wine and lots of laughter are in my future.
2. I feel like exercise has been put on the back burner this week. I know I should rest a little after my 1/2 marathon on Sunday but that isn’t easy for me. Monday was obviously a rest day, Tuesday I was exhausted (field ride with the boss and lots of work), and we are in low miles for TNT and only did 2 last night. I did make it to Pure Barre yesterday too so that was good. But again today-exhausted from work (and preparing for the party and other TNT stuff and life I guess) and I don’t like that feeling. My plan is to get in another Pure Barre class & run tomorrow too. But its not feeling like enough. Maybe its the stress and my body is used to doing more. I just hope next week I can get more miles in and maybe a yoga or weights class.
3. I am counting down the days till my Christmas Vacation! Get me to next Friday!! My company is forcing us to use our vacation and we can’t carry any over so I am taking the week before Christmas off, we get the week of Christmas off (paid holiday-pretty sweet perk) and then I will probably take the first week of January off. 3 weeks off. I. cannot. wait. I will clean, organize, read, cook, catch up on Tivo, watch movies, exercise, and of course, relax. HOORAY for the holidays :):)

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