Three Things Thursday

I feel like my life is all over the place right now…

1. LAS VEGAS!! So my sister and I leave tomorrow morning to run the Rock and Roll Las Vegas 1/2 marathon (Bib #5284)! I can’t believe its already here! My last RNR race for the year–I will officially be a “Rockstar” after Sunday. Which means I achieved my goal for 2010! I am again torn between running my own race and running with my sis. There are pros/cons to both. This may be my last run to “race” for a while. The other 1/2’s will be during my Big Sur Marathon training and I am not sure if I will want to push it then. Allison and I also haven’t done a single run together this training period. Time just slipped away from us. I am also afraid I will run too fast and she will burn out. But then there is the big sis in me that wants to run with her and cross the finish line together. Decisions, decisions. Yalls thoughts??
2. CHRISTMAS!! I was out of town last weekend and will be this weekend and it is leaving me stressed about the holidays. Usually I am almost done shopping and baking by now. And neither is done. But I did get my tree put up and decorated last night! It’s an artificial…I can’t wait to have a place of my own and a big, real tree and a house full of decorations. I love this time of year but I don’t do as much because I rent and have a roommate…and, well, it’s just different. One day though (if you could see the amount of stuff I have already. geeze.)
3. LOVE & OTHER DRUGS. What I am seeing tonight. Yay! It’s date night. Will reveal more later when I am more comfortable with the “world” knowing this new person in my life but I am very much looking forward to QT and a great movie. And apparently Jake Gyllenhaal is a pharm rep. Oh lucky him. And oh lucky me. I will see him close to naked for a large part of the movie. (Or so my friend Holly says).

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