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Yep. That’s where I am blogging. I love the free WIFI delta and google chrome are offering during the holidays! This is just a quick update to let yall know that Vegas was a blast! Super fun city-expensive-but fun. I’m so glad Allison I took this trip together. We both finished, not together, but that is what she wanted. I think she is happy that she did it. Although she says she needs me to push her in a wheelchair because her legs hurt so bad–she’s being dramatic-don’t worry :):)

I suppose I can at least tell you about the other parts of the trip….
Vegas airport=the devil. Atlanta has the busiest airport and is so much more organized than this place. Took forever to get our luggage (45 minutes) and of course the time change screwed up our eating which left us cranky by the time we got to the hotel. Could’ve probably eaten paper. Not kidding. But after we made it to Aria
AMAZING!! Probably the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. We got a great deal (30% off) and I’m so glad we stayed here. Everything was touch screen. The MarriotT hotels that I stay in definitely don’t have this. Seriously. The curtains, tv, lights, radio, privacy light- all controlled by a little screen on the nightstand. Huge bathroom. Comfy beds. My only compliant was no free wifi-but who really needs it while in Vegas?
We were pretty low key friday-went to the expo and spent wayyyy too much money as usual. It was fun taking Allison to a big expo. Favorite purchase was probably my new sweaty bands-they are sparkly (will see in race photos)! We then had dinner and played the slots. Neither of us are big gamblers-its hard to put money in a machine and know that I could be risking shoes, jeans, a race etc. in just a few clicks. And the time change had us to bed early.
Saturday-GAME DAY! We did a little sightseeing and then spent the entire day watching football at Lagasse Stadium. Super cool sports bar at the Palazzo. My Auburn Tigers made me proud! (this is where I SHOULD have put my money). We then had a pasta dinner at a great restaurant at Aria and went to bed early again since we had the race Sunday.
Race day. That deserves its own post.
I hope to have a full race report soon but must get home, settled, and upload the pics and and garmin data. And I have my boss with me tomorrow so hopefully tomorrow night…
AND-while catching up on my other bloggers on this long flight–I found out I won something! YAY! A CSN gift card. Can’t wait to spend it!

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