It was a Very Merry Christmas

This was a great Christmas! I had so much fun with my family and friends and even learned a few new cooking tricks while I was home….
6 out of the 9 of us made it this year-15th annual 90210 Christmas Party
Finally learning how to cook Lebanese food. In the middle of making grape leaves.
Mom’s side of the family-grandmother, cousins and their kids
Dad’s side of the family-most of my immediate cousins
And Santa was super good to me as well. I did get a few things outside of the running world-a new tv, purse, pjs, money, etc….
But I must say my running stuff got me the most excited and Santa definitely saw my previous Post
The new medal hanger from Allied Medal–LOVE IT!!
The Zensah Compression Socks, Joyful Bath Co. Bath Salts, and Feetures socks. I also received my favorite Lululemon pants, a hoodie and scarf too (love me some lulu!!)

And then my Daily Mile Secret Santa total hooked me up with some Injini striped socks. Love them!
And last but certainly not least….I had mentioned before about a new relationship. I guess it is official and I can now mention it on here. And I must say he is quite fabulous :):) Chris may have gotten me the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. He made this for me! His hints were “I did it in boy scouts” and I’m not gonna lie-it made me nervous and I had no clue what he was talking about. Well…it was wood burning. He put all of my RNR races on it. The picture doesn’t quite do it justice (once again with the old iphone). The gold squares have the initials of each race on it–overall it is about the size of a normal plaque. Super cool.
And not only did he make me an amazing gift he also got me a 1 hour running analysis at the Sports Factory. I will have a coach watch me run and then help me with my form. Looking forward to a blog post on that one! I must say, he knows me quite well (and in a relatively short period of time).
And to top it all off Krizzy Designs hooked my blog up! If you are looking for help with your blog design, I highly recommend Krystyn. She is awesome! Thanks Krystyn!
Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my holiday.
Any favorite gifts or memories?

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