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This afternoon I met my friend Kristin at Chastain Park to go for a run. She recently joined TNT and is running the GA Publix 1/2 Marathon in March. She just got back into running and I knew we both had to get a run in and it finally warmed up to 32 degrees and I thought it would be fun to push her little one Michael in the BOB….
Michael’s ready to go…

All of you running mothers with the BOB stroller just earned a new level of respect from me.
I had no clue running and pushing a stroller was so much work. Don’t get me wrong, I have pushed babies and walked with them and that was work-but this running thing is a different story.
Kristin has been getting up before her husband leaves for work to run or taking Michael to relatively flat streets. She had said it was a lot of work to push him but I told her it was fine-I wanted her to be able to enjoy herself and work on her run and I wanted the extra push. She was also worried that she would be too slow for me. Well, add on a 27 lb 1 year old and we were running together just fine. We ran the small loop which is 2.5 miles at this very hilly park. My pace went from a training pace of 9:30 ish to 11:15 ish. Big difference. I think this is a great way to strengthen my legs!

It’s nice to add this to the list of things Kristin and I can now do together. Background: Kristin is a sorority sister of 2 of my best friends from home and now lives in Atlanta. We’ve really gotten closer over the past 2 years and we are very much alike. We bonded over food, movies, celeb gossip, tv, and F bombs. 2 peas in a pod. She has been a great friend and I am looking forward to watching her cross the finish line in March. We then will have one more thing in common :):)
Kristin and one of my favorite babes….
Michael making me use my muscle to get him up the hills!
Bottom line:
If you need a leg workout, grab a baby, a BOB stroller and find a hill. As Kristin said, “This will get you ready for Big Sur in no time.” No doubt Kristin. No doubt.
How many of you run with a baby on a daily basis? How do you find a way to use your arms?

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  • Thankfully those days are over for me, but at one point I was using a double jogging stroller and we figured I was running with an extra 80 pounds! YIKES! I would totally roll through stop signs because stopping and starting back up again was such a pain!

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