2011 Goals

It is still hard to believe that is time to list out 2011 goals. I feel like 2010 went by so fast. But here we go:

1. 3 more states (at least)
Years ago I set a goal to see all 50 states before I die. Now that I am a runner, I would like to change that to run a 1/2 marathon or marathon in all 5o states. So on that note, I have 6 states so far. I would like to get at least 3 more–Alabama (next weekend) and California (May) will be accomplished for sure. I am debating on the 3rd. It depends partly on finances because I like to make the trips a vacation-not just a quick trip to run-but I may have to get out of this mentality (unless I win the lottery). Chris & I have talked about Jackson Hole 1/2 in June but he has several triathlons on the books and an Ironman in November so I am not sure if that will work. I may look to do something in the early Fall. And it also depends on Team in Training and the races they will do for the Winter. I at least know I will have 2 done by May. Any favorites in the Summer or Fall (hopefully with a cool medal)?
2. Run 2 marathons
I am running Big Sur in May and will run another Full in the Fall. I haven’t decided which one. I applied to get into NYC but I know that is major luck-so (again) depending on what happens with TNT-maybe Nike Womens or Kiawah?
3. Run for the Bling of it
I love this challenge. A race a month. Sweet! I have January, February, March, May, & November set.
4. 1,000 miles
I joined Daily Mile at the end of March and it says I am currently at 735 miles. Thinking back to January, February and early March, I believe it is closer to 800. Not bad for my first full year of running. I would like to make it to 1,000 this year. I think it is very doable with all of the races I have planned. Just have to stay healthy!
5. Half Fanatic
I was looking at the website and it looks like I will qualify with 3 races in 90 days–First Light Mobile, Rock and Roll Mardi Gras, and GA Publix. I’m not sure what the other benefits are to being in the group and not really sure if this is a goal or not. Does anyone have an opinion/thought/or are you a member?
6. Get out of debt
I can’t believe I let it happen again. Its not even close to what I used to have and like I had mentioned in a previous post I hope to have it paid off in February. But this means a budget and planning trips better.
7. Read more
I have so many books I want to read and can’t seem to take the time to do it. I will get on a roll and read a ton for a few months and then take a few months off. So-1 book a month. I would love to read more than that-but at least 1 a month.
8. Cross train more-swim or bike-keep up pure barre and yoga, maybe add Blast900
Sounds insane I know. But I sometimes wonder if I run too much (if there is such a thing). I had read on The Average Woman’s Running blog about a book on running less to run faster. And yes, this book is on my list of reads for the year. I’m interested to see what the plan actually is and if its for me. But, all in all, I just think a spin class or swim once a week wouldn’t hurt. I’ve thought about adding Blast900-I have 2 free classes and I need to try it out and see what I think.
9. New PR in Marathon, 10K
I would love to PR in my 5k and 1/2 marathon time too but not sure how realistic that is. I think I can beat my Marathon (4:18:02) this year-maybe not at Big Sur but hopefully at a race in the Fall. And I would love to beat my 10K (51:40:33) tomorrow at the Resolution Run but I’m not sure my knees are up for it. We shall see. Luckily I have all year 🙂
I had already set a few from my birthday-cooking Lebanese and learning more about my family heritage and going to church. Good news I am already working on those things and they won’t be included here.
I hope that isn’t too many goals. I truly don’t think it is-and most of the running goals overlap in a way (or at least I am telling myself that).
I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve! Looking forward to a fun, healthy, and run-filled 2011!

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  • Great Goals! I'm planning on racing all 50 states as well. I'm planning on doing a race in NC,PA and DE in 2011 🙂 Good luck on achieving your goals. Happy New Year!

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