2010 done. and done.

I am hoping this isn’t too much of a recap of my 30th birthday post. 29 was a big year and lots of life experiences which means 2010 was a big year.

My main goal was to become a Rockstar with the Rock and Roll Series. DONE.
I managed to take 5 amazing running trips this year. Rock and Roll New Orleans, Rock and Roll Seattle, Rock and Roll Chicago, Rock and Roll Virginia Beach, and Rock and Roll Las Vegas (only 1 decent race recap as I am just getting into the blogging thing). Tough on the bank account maybe, but I had a blast on every trip. I highly recommend running this series. I can’t wait for the final “Rockstar” medal to come in the mail. I already have other RNR events on the list for 2011, but you can read about that in the upcoming 2011 post 🙂
Get out of credit card debt. Done. Kinda.
Okay, so I did do it. A great bonus check allowed me to pay it all off in May. No car note, no student loans, no credit card debt. Well, I got a little cocky and assumed my bonus checks would stay on the high end and they didn’t. And I charged some hotels and flights for trips and voila. Back to a little debt. Not a lot, but not what I had planned on. Lesson #1 in sales. Never ever count on a bonus check. No worries-should be paid off in February. But I enjoyed my year and I am not going to regret it.
Date. Done.
I know it sounds silly but I was getting out of a relationship and I needed new. I needed change. I needed to finally date. And I did date and realized what I wanted. I mean I went on some baaaaddd dates (seriously-one guy was 33 and still lived with his parents but that is a whole different story). But I learned so much about myself this year. I learned what I am capable of doing on my own and I learned to be happy with myself. In the present moment. I learned to not compare myself to my friends with husbands and babies. Because this is God’s plan. Not mine. Just be happy. And low and behold, being happy with yourself leads to good things. I met Chris. I’m glad I was patient and picky. I didn’t settle. A great way to end 2010.
The rest of my list just kinda happened. It wasn’t planned. I was just getting into running and didn’t know much about goals. I just knew I wanted to be faster.
So running accomplishments for 2010:
Ran first marathon (Seattle) with Team in Training (newbie to this but now life-timer)
PR in 1/2 marathon (New Orleans)
PR in 5K (Atlanta Skirt Chaser)
Won first place in my age group (Run For Hope 5K)
5 states off the 50 goal
I also added in weight training, pure barre and yoga. I now have “guns” :):) And can do “real” pushups. It’s the little things, right?
All in all pretty big health accomplishments. I am happy with the results. I’m looking forward to sharing my 2011 goals with yall! Did you meet your 2010 goal? What was it?

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