Three Things Thursday

TGIT. Seriously. I needed this day to get here and it has!!

1. I have been wanting to bake and try a few new recipes lately so this afternoon I am hanging in the kitchen with several Cooking Light recipes. We have our first group training run for Team In Training on Saturday and since I am a mentor, I am responsible for bringing something for our “tailgate”. I hope everyone enjoys Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins, Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread, & Peanut Butter Banana Bread. I know I don’t need this much I just finally have time to bake and I wanted to try them all. At least they are from Cooking Light, right?
2. Tonight I am being taken to the High Museum of Art. So embarrassed to admit I have lived in Atlanta for almost 8 years and still never been. And I used to live 2 miles from it. Kind of pathetic but glad to finally get a little culture in 🙂 The main exhibit is work from Salvador Dali so it should be pretty cool. And to make the next few days even better, one of my besties from home, Amanda, is coming in town! I get to have another amazing meal at Miller Union and then spend the weekend with her, Kristin, & Team in Training. WOOT!
3. I can’t believe I have my last long run tomorrow before Las Vegas!! (a post on that soon) I will be aiming for 11-12 and then tapering next weekend. I have to get it in tomorrow because we are only doing short miles on Saturday with the group and I would like to enjoy (yes, cocktails) myself Saturday night so Friday morning seemed liked the only optimal time. Hope its another great run.

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  • I wish I was on your TNT team, all those yummies sound so good! You are a good mentor! Good luck on your long run and enjoy ever sip of your cocktails lady 🙂

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