My life during the Fall

Okay…so this one is going to be short because I am feeling a little overwhelmed with work stuff (i would much rather be blogging).
Had a great run Friday before heading to Auburn. Was shocked at how well I felt considering I had very little sleep. I usually try to run to really upbeat music-80s, hip-hop, and current pop type stuff. But I just wanted to get in a zone on this run and played all 3 band of horses albums for the 10 miles. It was great. Kept it around a 930 pace and could have definitely kept going. Ended the run with an upbeat song, All I do is Win (which is the Auburn team intro video song and it gives me chills everytime i see it–you should watch it too here) which ended up being the story of the weekend. :):)
I ate way too much at some of my college fav’s–Niffers and Big Blue Bagel. Did I mention Niffers has fried pickles and corn nuggets?? Don’t judge-I ran 10 miles and did Pure Barre that morning. A girl derserves a treat every now and then, right?? I got to spend the weekend with my Pops and great friends and Auburn beat the GA bulldogs. AND my life is now a little more complete because I ended up on the field before the game with press passes. Pat Dye & Bo Jackson were on the field too. SERIOUSLY. Here are a few pics from the weekend (thank you Canon Rebel for being so awesome & worth every penny).
Me, Pops, & Allison tailgating before the game
Not the best shot, but whatevs-i’m on the field!!
My bro in law’s brother-Tim & Pat Dye
Bo knows Football-but not fashion-not digging the gold shoes 🙂
Entering the field after All I do is Win video!!
Hello Dyer. Can I have guns like yours??? Insane.
I love Cam.

Laura, Sissy & myself rolling Toomers Corner
Overall great weekend. I love tailgating and Auburn but my future Saturdays will now be dedicated to running with Team in Training. Hope yall had a great weekend and I will post the Additional Christmas list later this week!!

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