Big Pumpkin 5K & weekend review

So I must admit, the race wasn’t as fun as I had hoped. It had nothing to do with the actual race…Allison was still recovering from her kidney stone surgery and ended up not being able to run. I was looking forward to running with her again but, life happens, right? So I headed up to Roswell to run the race by myself. I act as though this is far away but for those you that aren’t familiar with Atlanta this is OTP–outside the perimeter–which I am not a fan of. I moved to a city for a city but the long sleeve tech tee and fast course hooked me. I have decided running a race by yourself is just not as fun. Maybe Team in Training has spoiled me but there is just something about having others with you–even if you don’t run the same pace.
So to the race…
The guys who put on the Big Pumpkin 5K also have their own bib/race company Zula Racing. It has chip timing in the bib. I thought it was really cool except I don’t know where the race actually started. There wasn’t a “thing” to cross over to activate your chip to know that your time started. The race itself was nice. Rolling hills in Roswell (although I was told it was a flat, fast, PR type of course) and not too many turns. They actually had more than 1 water stop which I thought was nice but since it was only 3 miles I skipped them. I think I ran a pretty solid race. My Garmin says 24:16 but only says 3.06 miles. Again-I didn’t know when to start my watch so I am waiting for the actual race times to be posted to the Big Pumpkin 5K website.
The end of the race had a lot of vendors–excited to see 2 of my favs-Big Peach Running Company and Mix1. The swag bag was full of free samples (including toothpaste & a toothbrush??) and coupons. Here’s the shirt I had been waiting on 🙂
The rest of the weekend was really fun. It’s funny to see how much time I end up spending with kids when I don’t have my own. I watched Ana Sophia, my coworkers 4 year old, play soccer–these little girls were soooo cute! And sunday went to Michael, my friend Kristin’s son, first birthday party. I also went to see Band of Horses at the Fox and they were once again…amazing. I had a TEAM meeting yesterday, squeezed in a 5 mile run and then headed back to Kristin’s to pass out candy to all the little ones in the neighborhood. I myself managed to not dress up this year. And I am totally okay with that. Maybe next year. And I am thinking Dexter or Mad Men theme already. Did anyone else race this weekend? Did you dress up and hit the town?

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