All I Want for Christmas…

Christmas has always been big in my family. Santa still comes every year (yes, I am 30 years old) and my sister still wakes us up before the sun is up (and yes, she is married and grown up as well). So of course, the list is very very important. My Dad even jokes about it… “Just tell Santa what you want” , “send an email to Santa” , “don’t buy that because Santa might be buying it for you.” I am very lucky, I know.
And now that running has become such a big part of my life, it has also become a big part of my list. I decided I would share what I want on one post and later this week a post on things I have that are also great gifts for runners. Just in case you need to add to your own list or shop for the runner in your life….here we go:
Allied Steel Medal Hanger-custom made that says “Running for Bling” (obviously, right?). I have been trying to win one on other blogs but no such luck so to Santa it goes:
They range from $29-$59 in price
BibFolio-I saw this on another blog and loved it! Right now all of my bibs are held together by a safety pin. This is a much nicer way to keep up with them! I think I would want the one below with a pic from my first 1/2 marathon and one from my first marathon.
They cost $39.99
Zensah Compression Socks- so I have 2 pair of Zensah leg sleeves & I love them. I will admit I have not tried other compression companies to compare so right now I am loyal to the folks over at Zensah. I want to try the socks to see if they help with the foot pain during the marathon. I think I would like an argyle pair.
They are $49.99
Feetures Socks- So the same thing goes here. I actually already have these but for some reason hate spending money on socks and would rather have someone else buy them for me. I am open to other brands, just already have these and like them. (Thorlo & Experia are other popular brands) I currently have the no show tab original ones.
They average $9.99/pair I think
Lululemon-basically anything. I need more warm running clothes/jackets, hats, gloves, etc. since I will be training through the Winter here. It’s also just an excuse because I might have a slight obsession with this place and the girls at the store may or may not know me by name 🙂 They make great workout clothes that are super cute, comfy & they don’t hold smell (my Nike stuff was pretty nasty after only a race or 2-Lulu has a 3 year guarantee!!).
Do I have to tell you cost? Okay, okay, lets say range from $18-$128 depending on what you are looking for.
Joyful Bath Co- I have never been a huge bath person. Maybe because I have always rented and the thought of a dirty tub (yes I clean it but something is still gross) creeped me out. But add 26.2 miles to the equation & I quickly got over the scary tub thing. Enter ice baths after long runs and hot ones to relax here. I used epsom salts the last race but would like something a little nicer. Several of my TNT friends use these products and they look amazing. I have heard Ginger Snap & Green Tea Salts are both great in warm and cold baths. The variety pack below looks pretty nice too to try them all out.
Assorted is $25, 9 oz jar $16.50, 15 oz jar $23
So there you have it. The running side of my Christmas list. Hopefully Santa knows I have been good this year!

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