All I want for Christmas, Part 2

So I have been meaning to finish this for a week now, and finally have some free time. As I had said from my previous post “All I want for Christmas“, I would also do a list of things I have that I think other runners should have/might want. So here we go:

Garmin: I will admit I probably don’t use 1/2 the functions this thing has to offer. I do upload my data, check out my splits, pace, hills, etc. But I know it does more. I go back and forth on if its a good thing to be able to “watch” my pace constantly while running but overall I will admit I can’t imagine running without this thing.
Garmin’s range in price $250-350 I believe. Depends on which one you get.
The Stick: I was introduced to this stick during my first marathon training. I now use it almost daily to help reduce my muscle soreness. I also have a smaller one that I use on my neck. If only I had invented it!! (a foam roller is another great gift for muscle pain)
The “Marathon Stick” is $31.95
Spibelt: NOT to be confused as a fanny pack. 🙂 I actually have the single but I will purchase the double belt before I run Vegas in a few weeks. I had a few issues of things falling in out during my last race and decided I need the double–one for things that I rarely take out (ID, Inhaler, chapstick) and one for things to take out (gu’s, bodyglide, camera).
The Single is $19.95 and the double is $29.95. They have tons of colors and options.
Bondi Bands & Sweatybands: I love both of these. Just depends on my mood. The sweatyband is a more thin option and definitely doesn’t move. Bondi Bands are a little more thick, but they are very light and have fun quotes/sayings on them. The are great for people with bangs (like myself) and keep your hair and sweat out of your eyes!! I can’t find a great pic (that doesn’t include a stranger off their site) of either so just check out their websites.
They range in price from $8-$18
Road ID: I have the wrist ID elite, but honestly wish I had the shoe ID (that way I don’t have to remember to put it on each time). I love, if something were to happen to me while running, that all of my info could be found on this tiny little thing. I pay a little more each year to have extra info about my health, emergency contacts, allergies, etc. stored on a site and if something were to happen to me; emergency responders would be able to call a 1800 # and learn everything they would need to know.
Road ID is $19.99-$29.99 depending on the style you like
Runners World: Need I say more? Great for new and experienced runners!
1 year subscription is $15, 2 years is $24
Run like a Mother: So I read about this book in several of my magazines and found it wasn’t necessarily just for mothers. It has great tips for women in general. I recently met one of the authors at the ZOOMA race and had a copy autographed for me and another one for my friend Kristin.
I believe the book is $14.99
I would also recommend buying the runner in your life clothes but I know that can be tough. I personally am on a Lululemon kick right now but others prefer Nike, Saucony, Brooks, Adidas, etc. Just try and find out the brand they like before purchasing.
And of course, everyone loves stocking stuffers!!
For the runner who has chafing issues- Bodyglide
For the runner who needs to replenish their body during runs GU & Sharkies
For every runner….socks & (because no one likes buying them for themselves-but check their favorite brand first)
I think I have covered what every runner could want for Christmas on both of my posts and I hope I was able to help with gift ideas! Do you have other items you would suggest that I may be missing?
Happy Shopping!

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  • :o) ohhh good list.
    1. I LOVE my Garmin and I cannot and will not run without it. At first you find yourself watching your pace constantly but then you start to ignore it… except for marathons then i stare at it for 26.2 miles. no lie.
    2. The stick… i love love love mine. but i have found that i love the foam roller more. the stick is super nice to travel with.
    3. RoadID. you need one. i love mine. you'll feel SO much safer out there with one.
    4. Runners World – Good call. That is the highlight of my month when it comes!!

    Hope you get all you want and morre!!

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