Three Things Thursday

1. This is my first 3 things Thursday post. I am really starting to enjoy this blogging thing and love reading about other people all over the country with the same interests. Why did it take me this long to get into it? AND–My blog will also be “pretty” soon. Krystyn at Krizzy Designs is spicing it up for me. YAY!

2. I had my first recruiting meeting for Team in Training last night. I haven’t written about it yet but I am super excited to be a mentor/captain for the upcoming Spring season and for the Big Sur Marathon. This marathon deserves its own post so more to come later. But either way- I met some really cool people last night. Out of the 25 or so that came, 18 signed up to train with us for a triathlon, marathon or 1/2 marathon. EXCITING!! I look forward to getting to know them all better and watch their 1st experience with TEAM. It’s going to be fun!!
3. I’m ready for the week to be over. A not so hot weather week in Atlanta means not so hot driving conditions which means my job sucks. Rain=bad drivers. So 3 days of traffic and then today my bank account was hacked and my poor sister had to have surgery to remove a kidney stone and I worked and took care of her. On a very positive note-tomorrow is Friday. HOORAY! A great weekend ahead- hair done, a 5K, a 1 year olds birthday party, a Band of Horses concert, and a TEAM meeting. Oh, and the Tigers head to Ole Miss. Can’t wait 🙂

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