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The past 2 days have been a blast! My best friend Bradley and her husband John came to the ATL on Saturday so that John could run his first 1/2 marathon. I am not sure how or why he chose this specific race to be his first but I was glad it was here. I have been looking forward to their visit for a while because I usually only get to see them when I go home to Mobile, which is not often enough. They have 3 beautiful little ones (a 3 1/2 year old and almost 2 year old twins–I can’t even imagine but they handle it with ease and that is another story) and it has been hard for them to get away. They arrived Saturday to a pretty packed schedule of things we wanted to do. I feel like we ate a lot but that is a great part of vacation right? We started at Flip Burger, went to Lenox to shop and ended our day at Sotto Sotto, so that John could have pasta, and then Yoforia, for Bradley to have dessert. I knew they needed to get back to their hotel so that John could get some rest before the race.
This morning came quick…hello 545 am wake up call! I had offered to pick them up from the hotel and take John to the start since I knew the area and it was only a mile or so from my house. I gave him a few of my race tips-don’t go out to fast, go to the back of the water stop, squeeze the cup to not make a mess, and run as close to the corners as you can to save extra mileage. A few goodbyes and good lucks and he was off. Bradley & I had time for coffee and to swing back by my place to pick up the “run john run” poster and his congratulatory cookie cake. John had told me he had been averaging pretty fast times and I was expecting him to be at 7 miles (where we wanted to see him run first) around an hour into the race. Well. Glad we got there when we did because I learned John is really fast. He was definitely in the front of the pack of the 3500 runners. And he looked awesome! All smiles and ran over to high five Bradley. If he was moving that quick I knew we needed to hurry to move the car and head to the finish. And I was right! With about 10 minutes to spare, we see John take the corner. Still looking great. His goal was under 2 hours. He killed it. 1:43. Unbelievable for a first race in a hilly city (Mobile is flat, flat, flat). I am so proud of him! After a delicious breakfast at West Egg Cafe, they headed home. But not before Bradley planned our running calendar. Mobile First Light in January and Rock and Roll New Orleans in February. I can’t wait to have some one to run with. Or in this case, CHASE.
Congrats John!!! AMAZING!!!

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