The road to the big 3-0!!

Well, the past week has been quite eventful and I think the upcoming weekend could be just as fun! To back up….
ACL! Austin City Limits. I am a huge music fan and had heard about this festival but never put much thought into going. If you haven’t heard of it, its amazing. Basically 3 days of nothing but great music-8 stages- starting at 11 am and ending at 10 pm. My friend Holly and I had talked about going this summer-the weekend before my 30th, Auburn away game, her sister was moving there, why not, right? Well, Holly decided to go back to school which =no $$=no trip. Randomly enough my roommate and several other girls were talking about going as well. I decided to tag along. We booked the Driskill Hotel (which I later learned is probably the nicest hotel is Austin) and just last week found VIP tickets on craigslist for the show (also later found out this was great because it led to food, booze, air-conditioned bathrooms, mini-massages and shade).
So off to Austin we go. Such a cool city. Such a cool experience. I could probably write and write about it but will sum it up (because still lots more to get with this post) with some of my favorite moments and bands. Pat Green, Pete Yorn, Temper Trap, Amos Lee, Norah Jones, and most of all Band of Horses. I will admit I was somewhat disappointed with Temper Trap and pleasantly surprised by Amos Lee. Must download more of him ASAP. Then there were the tacos-including breakfast ones–need I say more?? TOM shoes-why haven’t I purchased these yet?? cowboy hats, and Tito’s Vodka. Favorite moment of all–meeting Band of Horses. I found out they were signing Autographs before the show and I went the festival by myself to meet them. So worth it. Something about this band just gets to me. I love them. Yes, this Preppy girl is quite obsessed.
The only downside to the trip was getting sick. It hit me Sunday. Probably the 2am nights, booze, outdoor dust and lots of smoke around me contributed to the mess. Sad to say, I wasn’t able to get a run in while in Austin-but I will be back. Its a very fit city and I would love to see it on a non-festival weekend.
I knew the rest of the week was going to get crazy so I went to the DR first thing Tuesday morning. A shot in the ass, steroids, antibiotics, and a nose spray is quickly killing the ear infection and sinus infection. Really all I have left is a cough.

So…to yesterday. Honestly didn’t feel any different than any other day (well, the Facebook love is always nice). But it was. 30 years ago my mom had me 6 weeks early, the day after her birthday, and weighing in at a measly 4lbs. She says its hard to believe I am 30. I agree. Where did it all go??? Was high school really 15 years ago? Was college really 8 years ago? It doesn’t fee like it. Do all of my friends really have homes with mortgages and babies? Yes they do. I feel like I have grown over the past few years and I am proud of the woman I have become. But I want to still have goals (like I said a few posts back). So here we are….what is up for 30??
Well, to start. I changed my hair. It was time. Same haircut for over 2 years. See the pic below from my b-day dinner at Miller Union (side note–most amazing restaurant in Atlanta and everyone must eat there. I wish I could eat there every night. Seriously.)
So, the plan for 30. What are my goals??
Well, to start:
Successfully mentor and train with Team in Training for Big Sur Marathon.
Run a fall Marathon (and several 1/2s and 10Ks & 5Ks too)
Learn more about my family, culture, and learn to cook Lebanese food.
Go to church regularly. I am a bad Catholic and need to change my focus.
Save $$ for a house.
Clean out and organize. My life. My closet.
Start tracking my food intake carefully. Write it all down. Eat more vegetarian meals and organic when possible.
Visit 3 new states on my list (must see all 50)
If I can afford it, take an international trip.
I hope this isn’t too much. Check in on me from time to time. K??
Super excited for the weekend to come. One of my best friends from home is flying into town and it will be a weekend full of fun. 🙂 Fill you in soon!! And sorry if I am rambled and didn’t make much sense… hard to keep track with so much going on!!

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