A New PR!

Okay, so its not exactly fabulous, but technically it is a new PR. In the 1 mile category….because I have never run a 1 mile race. I don’t think they are that common.
I am not a fan of the running store Phidippides in Atlanta, but somehow, I am on their email list. I heard about the Morningside Mile through their monthly newsletter and honestly, the block party with Lululemon & Yoforia made me want to sign up. It was $25 for a tech tee and a free beer or yoforia at the end (and sad to admit, but I will choose Yoforia over beer any day) along with a block party–band, yoga, food deals, local store sales etc. I thought it would be fun if my sister ran it with me and it would be a good experience to have a few races in before her 1/2 marathon. This of course was very low key but turned out to be put together quite nicely. I think there were less than 500 runners and there were a lot of families. It was nice to see parents encouraging healthy habits at such a young age. I literally think there were some kids running that were 3 or 4 years old. Very cool.
The start was in the heart of the Virginia Highlands neighborhood. We ran up and down a few hills and that was it. It literally went by so fast I have no idea what I passed. I remember looking at my garmin about halfway through the race and seeing around a 6:40 pace but the hills took a little out of me. We turned the corner for the finish and I was doing my best to haul it. I could hear feet behind me so I tried to keep my pace but some lady was pushing it and beat me by a step. I enjoyed the final push. Final time was 7:10 and I was the 18th female. I don’t know the actual stats…just the slip they handed me at the end. I know my age group was really fast–I think the winner of the 30-39 group came in under 6 minutes. I will say that after looking back at the website, the race organizers cut out age groups–instead of 30-34 it was 30-39 which I think is odd. I’m not sure if they didn’t have enough money for the prizes or what. But, oh well. My sister did really well too. I think she was around 8:10 and had a great time. She asked if people start like that at the 1/2 marathon. Hell no. I would die at mile 2. She was glad to hear it. 🙂
We enjoyed some post race yoga lead by Lululemon, free Mix1 drinks (I love this recovery drink!), live music and of course….YOFORIA!!
After the race we went over to the Candler Park Fall fest and did a little shopping. A fun weekend with Allison and my brother in law Chris (we also went to the Auburn game on Saturday–WAR EAGLE).
Next weekend we are running The Big Pumpkin Run 5K. It’s a long sleeve tech tee (sad to admit these seem to entice me even more), chip timed and supposed to be a very fast course. If you are in Atlanta, come join us!!

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