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I have 2 new beginner runner friends! A few weeks ago my sister, Allison, decided to sign up for her first 1/2 marathon. She and I will be heading to Vegas for a girls weekend in December. Flights and hotel are booked! I am so excited to be with her to experience her first finish line!! I took her to Big Peach (my fav running store) to get fitted for running shoes and gave her my first training plan that I used for my first race. I then made her a “goodie bag” with my other fav running products-gu’s, gels, bodyglide and a sweaty band. A side funny note–She asked what bodyglide was for and I explained its for spots that chafe–i.e. arms, inner thighs, feet, etc. She said, “Oh, my thighs don’t touch and rub together.” Well then. That must be nice. Regardless of my slight jealousy of her little legs, I am super excited for our trip. It will also be my last Rock and Roll race of the year.
And now this weekend my best friend Bradley and her husband John are heading to Atlanta so John can run his first 1/2 marathon–the Atlanta 13.1 race. I’ve enjoyed checking in on his training and giving him some of my tips. I’m excited for him to get here because I also made him a “goodie bag” with bodyglide, pacetat, 13.1 magnet (mainly for Bradley because he said he would be embarrassed), and endurox for recovery. I can’t wait to spend the weekend with them and take Bradley around the race course to see him. I am hoping John loves it and we can run the Mobile First Light 1/2 marathon together in January. I’ll take pics and post them this weekend after the race.
Happy Running and enjoy the nice fall weather!!

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