And the celebration continues!

Well, As I had imagined my weekend was crazy fun. Lots of celebrating and little sleep. But all so worth it. I joked on my facebook status on my actual birthday that 30 was the new 21. It definitely isn’t. But at least I tried, right?

One of my best friends from home, Lauren, flew in to help celebrate my “Dirty 30″…and as a surprise, my dad also made a trip up here. So we started out our weekend at the Lebanese restaurant, Nicolas. I wanted my dad to see why my sister and I raved over this place. The food tastes just like my Sitti’s (arabic for grandmother) and Nicola is highly entertaining. I ended up getting to dance in front of the restaurant and went home with my own “belly dancing” sort of belt–dad bought it for me because I loved it so much. After this night I will definitely be signing up for belly dancing classes!! The food was amazing as usual and I am really tempted to ask if they will teach me how to make a few dishes rather than me just following a cookbook.

Lauren and I continued our night out and closed the bars at 3 am. But the party must go on…and we headed into Saturday. I was able to watch the Auburn game with my dad up at Twisted Taco before my “surprise” party saturday night. My sister and friends did an amazing job!! Great appetizers, beer, wine, boiled shrimp, and Atlanta Cupcake Factory Cupcakes. Football, flip cup and corn hole. WOW. What a fun night! It was nice to bring all of my friends together and celebrate. Needless to say it was another bar closing night and Lauren, Anna and I made it home at 3 am. AGAIN.

The fabulous favors in Orange & Blue!
Me & Allison
Kelsey, Katie, Lauren, Kaki, Lainey& Anna
Stylin’ & Profilin’
Sunday was the great realization that I am no longer 21. I am in fact 30. And that is okay. I can still pretend sometimes. Just not 2 nights in a row. And after a weekend of nothing but boozing and eating a bunch of junk and a week of not exercising (because I was sick), I am back on the bandwagon. Actually writing out what I have been eating each meal and tracking my exercise. Here is to a fit and fabulous 30th year!! Anyone want to join me in a new belly dancing fitness class??

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