No. Seriously. I will be better.

Obviously me and the blogging just don’t get along. I swear each time I am going to be better about updating but that is obviously not the truth. Maybe if it was pretty? Who knows. But I will continue trying.

The past month seemed to go by very quickly. Perhaps its because I seem to have quite an obsession lately with gyms. Literally. I am now a member of 3 different gyms. Not on purpose really, it just kinda happened. The last post I mentioned getting the membership to Urban Body in addition to my regular gym, Adrenaline Wellness. Well, I added Pure Barre this month too. They just opened a location in Atlanta and I had to try it the day it opened. I have several friends in other cities that have done it and loved it. And I can see why. I have never had a butt-kicking like that in my life. And of course, they got me. If i didn’t sign up to try it that day I couldn’t get the 1 month unlimited at $100 (otherwise its close to $280!!). So now I have 3 gym memberships all with different types of workouts and perks. It is very hard to squeeze it all in with the running but I thought the ballet based stretching and the yoga would be really helpful with my legs and hips (they are always tight).

And I ran another 1/2 marathon. And I am loving all of it, but worried my body is on overload. And wondering why I don’t look like a rockstar with 6 pack abs and Madonna arms. I am almost to the point that I want to try and start writing down everything that I eat. Maybe I am missing something. Am I under or over eating? Or is it genetics? Or is that an excuse? I do know that having all 3 gyms is tough to handle in addition the running. I don’t know what to cut out and what to keep. Good news is I don’t have another 1/2 marathon until December. I think I will continue with a lot of cross training for the month of October.

I’m off to enjoy some football. I love Saturdays in the fall! I want to update everyone on Virginia Beach but that place and race deserve a post of its own. Perhaps I will also try to make my blog “pretty”. WAR EAGLE!

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