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Wow. That is all I can say. No. Really. The town was terrible. I made my one-trip-for-life to Virginia Beach I can guarantee that. I mean, growing up in Alabama you are very spoiled by beautiful white beaches, local seafood joints, beautiful homes and condos. NOT motels. To my surprise that is all VB has to offer. MOTELS. Every type of Holiday Inn, Marriot, and Ramada that you can imagine. I did not see one condo complex or actual home on the water the entire time I was there. And no local seafood joints. Mainly chains, pizza places (WTF), frozen custard and more cheap tourist stores than NYC.
And, I haven’t gotten to the people. It became a “jorts” counting contest (if you don’t know a jort-its a jean short. never ever appropriate on a man. never.). I counted at least 60 pair in 3 days. And tattoo sleeves. WOW. Not just on men either-women too. Didn’t know they did that unless you are that Kat lady from LA Ink. And the mullets. Enough said with that. It was my ultimate nightmare of an idea of a vacation. Especially since I wasn’t drinking because of the race.
The race I will say was still great. The competitor group who puts on this series of races always does a fantastic job. Great medal,popsicles at the end, cold towels and sponges, sprinklers along the course, you name what you would like to see for a race and they usually have it. So I will admit I liked the race, just NOT the city. (okay, I will admit to liking one restaurant Doc Taylors–I ate 3 different meals here because it was sooo good).
I decided yall should be in for the treat too, so here are some pics of my favorite “classy” moments. 🙂 Guy with AWESOME spray tan job. He looked like an oompa loompa he was so tan. A rediculous GA fan, and although the waitress was in the way, one of the 60 pairs of jorts.


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