16 days till the big 3-0!!

I was listening to the Bert Show this morning and found myself relating to a guest they had on the radio. Stephanie had started a blog on her 29th birthday and wanted to do a new thing a day for 365 days till her big 3-0 (one of the things was to be on the Bert Show, so “wish/thing” come true). She went on to talk about how she thought her life would be different at this age (married, kids, etc) but had come to grips with reality and was enjoying this life that she currently has. Her blog is really, really cool. From what I can tell, it looks like she is hoping for a book deal out of it and I honestly could have kept reading, but decided I needed to post to mine.

I am definitely not trying to do something new for 365 days but as have come closer to my big 30 I have reflected a lot on my 20s and especially this last year. I will admit I have often wondered what she wondered, why am I still single? when will I have kids? why always the bridesmaid? but I realized that over the past 8 months or so I think I am finally okay with it. I have realized this is God’s plan for me; it may not be what I had thought it would be when I was 18, but hell, does anyones? I used to look at my friends with their homes, children, husbands, etc and be envious, but honestly, I am not anymore (sorry friends). I do not have to worry about dirty diapers, daycare, babysitters, broken roofs, washer/dryer, husbands, kid’s birthday parties, etc etc etc. I can do whatever I want whenever I want. Even my mom and I had this discussion the other week. She told me that on her 30th she cried and cried because she had me in one hand and my sister on her hip and her best friend arrived with black balloons and black flowers. She said she thought to herself “is this my life? what did I go to school for? to bake cookies?”. It made me feel better. I do hope that one day these things will come but I am very thankful for what I have now. So…my point of this post…what I have done this past year that was new, exciting, fun…
  • ran 3 1/2 marathons and 1 marathon
  • PR’d in my 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon and marathon time
  • visited 4 new states (i have a goal to see all 50 before I die)–California, Virginia, Washington, Texas (I will next weekend)
  • went to Canada (& went whale watching!)
  • saw lots of friends all over the country-Amanda’s wedding, the Palomo’s in MN, Nashville, Chicago, Dad’s surprise party, Orlando
  • joined Team in Training and raised almost $5000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • went to my first NFL game–WHO DAT!
  • got myself out of debt-I am now DEBT FREE!!!
  • started taking yoga classes
  • I took the time to date
  • bought an SLR camera and took a class on photography
  • started a blog and twitter 🙂
I am sure there are more and as I think of them I will add them. My point is, my life is pretty awesome and I am very thankful for it. Each year as I get older I realize how fast the year really goes by. I hope this blog will help me keep track of what all I have done. I definitely want to have a list of things I want to “check off” in my 30th year and that post will come soon. I’m glad Stephanie was an inspiration for this one.
Do men feel this pressure that we women do? I feel like turning 30 has such a negative tone. Last week an instructor at my gym asked me if I was scared of being 30? I thought for a moment and said “I kicked 29’s ass.” I mean really. It’s been a great year. I have learned so much about myself and I think I am FINALLY comfortable in my own skin. I am comfortable with me. I am who I am, take it or leave it. Who said the big 3-0 has to be scary??? Bring it 30. I’m ready.

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