Rock and Roll Again…

Well, Chicago was a blast. Another 13.1 complete. I am 1 race closer to being a Rock Star with the Rock and Roll Series. Overall it was a good race, not my best, but that’s okay. I underestimated the heat in Chicago. I thought it was so much cooler (okay-maybe 1o degrees cooler than the Atl-but it still felt SO much better) and I didn’t hydrate properly. The course was relatively flat, the bands were fun, and they had ice soaked sponges to cool off with around mile 9–very nice addition to the race! I honestly didn’t pay as much attention to the scenery as I should have–I was just so focused on finishing and not passing out. I know that sounds awful-but mentally this just wasn’t my race. I finished in 1:55:03 and I am okay with that. I know I am way to hard on myself and need to stop being so competitive. I’m learning that I will not always PR at every race, and thats okay. Especially in this heat! Next 1/2 marathon is in a month in Virginia Beach–I already know I won’t PR so I am going to try and enjoy this one a little more 🙂

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