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After running the race in Chicago last weekend I realized that the heat is going to make it tough for me to PR this time of year. And I am okay with that. I can’t always beat my previous race times even though I would LOVE to every race. I have decided to expand my workout options–of course continue running but add in some other activities and not focus too much on speed work. Besides, it will kinda give my body a break.

I have been lifting weights at my gym, Adrenaline Fitness, for almost a year now. I know that the weightlifting class, Bodypump, has made a huge impact in my running and my overall strength and self confidence. I have taken a few yoga/pilates/bodyflow classes but I haven’t been consistent. My goal is to take at least 3 classes a week–i hope my schedule will allow it. I think it will really help with my mental focus (and calm my crazy self down), my posture (which i HATE about myself), my abs (the one thing I would love to improve on my body), and of course overall flexibility and strength (great for all of my running!).

Last week (at a FABULOUS TNT event) I purchased a 3 month unlimited yoga/pilates class package at Urban Body studios. Tonight was my first Ashtanga Yoga class. It is very different from most classes I have taken–Bodyflow is a mix of tai chi, pilates and yoga and isn’t nearly as hard as this was! This class focuses on breathing and stretching into new poses and getting your internal body temperature up (its not like hot yoga where the class is literally hot). I really enjoyed it. This studio offers tons of classes and I hope to try a Barre class, Pilates class, and Yoga for runners later on in the week.

I’m looking forward to a new challenge for a little while. Hopefully it will help with core stability, my mood, posture, and of course, my running! 🙂

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