Rock and Roll Baby!!

I can’t believe it’s already time for another race! In a few hours I leave for a weekend in Chicago–to run my 3rd Rock and Roll race of the year (and to see one of my besties!). My goal is to be a “Rock Star” and I have 3 races left for the year in this series. This race with be a 1/2 marathon. I don’t feel nearly as prepared as I have been for my other races. I guess it feels funny to only “train” for 1 month. I’m used to having 3 months of training for a 1/2 but since I just ran my marathon my body should be well prepared for 13.1 miles. It’s kinda funny-I look at it now as “just 13.1”. Not really sure what my goal should be for this one. I don’t know if shooting for a PR is being a bit ambitious. I guess I will just have to see how the weather is. I will be happy if I am under 1:50. I also just found out that several celebrities will be running. Lots from my favorite trash reality shows but who cares–still famous, right? Supposedly Jake, as well as Molly & Jason, from the Bachelor will be running. Crazy Kelly from RHONJ and Guiliana will be running too. Hopefully I will run into some of them. Or beat them. 🙂

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