All I Want to do is Shop!

I have started to notice a trend in my shopping habits. I mean, I know I love to shop–for pretty much anything and everything. But lately I can’t stop buying running/workout clothes. I figure I spend so much time in them that I “deserve” to look cute while sweating. I also think I “deserve” a new outfit for each big race. My latest fav is Lululemon. They carry great clothes that use a fabric that won’t hold smell. I found that my Nike shirts were pretty dingy after wearing them for about a year and I don’t mind spending a little more for a shirt that is going to last longer. I bought several things on Friday (some on sale, yay!) and can’t wait to try the shorts. I have several pairs of the Ultra Short, but for me they are almost too short and my legs tend to chafe. Sexy, I know. So, I ended up with the Tracker Short–wide waste band and a little longer short. We shall see this week what I think after running in them. 1751_black_l.jpg

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